Visiting Teachers Bless My Life

This is the pathetic tale of my day yesterday, after 6:00 p.m.

I went home from school to get right to work on my homework. I'd have two solid hours before El Senor came over to watch Lost with me. I unpacked my computer. I unpacked my... hmm... where was my power cord to the computer?

Now you may remember that I mentioned recently that my batteries are absolutely dead. That means that without a power cord, I have no access to my computer. And I happened to have a group project due tomorrow and all of the group's files were on my computer. Crap.

So I called the library department where I had last used my computer. No one turned in a power cord. I called library security / library lost and found and no one had turned in a power cord. But the guy assured me that if someone turned it in, it would turn up in at least three days. Three days! He also let me know that if someone brought the power cord to the campus lost and found, it would be there, of course, but I'd have no access to it until tomorrow morning since it closes at 5:00 p.m.

So there was no way I was going to find my power cord tonight.

So I called Viper to see if he had a power cord that could work on my computer. I went to his apartment and tried every one of his roommates' power cords. Then I went to the neighbors' and tried every one of their power cords. Then I called Best Buy and found out that they had a compatible power cord, but that it would cost me $90. Then I called my visiting teacher and asked her to take me to Best Buy because I really needed the cord. Then I called my mom to complain, only my dad answered the phone and he was offended that I didn't want to talk to him and I only wanted to talk to my mom. Then I told the whole story to my dad. Then he said, "This is why we don't leave things to the last minute." Then I said, "This is why I like to talk to Mom about these things and not you." Then he laughed. A lot. Then my visiting teacher came to pick me up. Then we went to Best Buy and I paid ninety dollars for the power cord. Then I went home and spent a half hour opening the stupid package. Then I plugged in the power cord.

And nothing happened. Although it was supposed to be compatible with my computer, and although everything fit correctly, there was NO POWER going to my computer.

So I called my teacher and left a message asking him to call me that night (he never did). I called my group members letting them know what happened. They were very nice about it, and assured me that it was their fault, too, because they should have backed up the files elsewhere.

Then I called my mom again and again and again until she finally picked up her phone. Then I told her about everything that had happened. Then I told her that I could no longer talk to her because Lost was starting.

Then I watched Lost but couldn't stop thinking about my lamentable situation.

Then I remembered that one week, when Kit was out of town, I used her office. And I used her Dell DOCKING STATION. And it worked. On my computer. And there was no power cord or battery needed. Then I called Kit, because even though she is not my visiting teacher, she is the best visiting teacher in the whole world and is one of those people who is always willing to help others out. And I told her about my situation. And she said that of course she would come and pick me up and bring me to her office so that I could get the files off my computer.

Then I waited for her, and she showed up to my house with A) a power cord to try on my computer just in case and B) a piece of pumpkin pie.

And guess what? Her power cord fit! And guess what else? It's her spare power cord, so I can use it till I find my lost one!

And that is where I just about cried.


Master Fob said...

Did you get your ninety bucks back or is it lost forever?

Cicada said...

I'll get my ninety bucks back. Once I get someone to give me a ride back to Best Buy.

Limon said...

Let me!

daltongirl said...

NOW I understand! (said in manner of Aunt Phillips)

Wow. I have no power problems. I guess that means no excuses (besides a crying kid--will you count that?). I'll get on that post right away.

Squirrel Boy said...

Ninety dollars?! That's got to be one of the worst rip-offs of all time. Glad to hear it all worked out, though (with pumpkin pie to boot!).