Battery Expired

Yesterday in the middle of a not-so-pleasant day, I noticed that the status lights on my laptop were blinking orange instead of green. I love orange, but blinking on my computer, it was not a happy color. It was indicating to me that my laptop batteries were completely dead, never to be recharged again. So on top of everything that was sucking, I found out that I'd need to pay $150 if I ever want to use my laptop without plugging it in.

Similarly, my body's batteries have run out. I haven't been getting the sleep I need lately. I have thought that I've been able to function properly anyway, but playing an online game with Daltongirl tonight proved otherwise. It was some word game and I kept on laying words on the board that were not actually words. I think that Daltongirl had to challenge me about seven times. I'd give you some examples, but without battery power, my short-term memory is shot. I do definitely remember BEAF. Because I really thought for a moment that BEEF was spelled BEAF.

I think I haven't been blogging lately for the same reason. No brain power.

Taking this into consideration, I think I'm going to go to bed about three hours early tonight. And try to recharge my batteries properly so as to avoid permanent damage. Good night.



marriedin said...

mmmm... beaf

The Divine Miss A said...

Somehow you still manage to write witty and interesting blogs even if you're feeling run down.

And in parting, remember: Beaf--It's what's for dinner.

Th. said...


Would I be taking it too far if I said I had a beaf with your blogging habits of late?

M. Paul Bailey said...

I mainly hate the fact that I looked at BEAF and asked myself, "What's wrong with that?"

daltongirl said...

I remember "womin" but I was also sleep deprived, so my short-term memory isn't working either.

I got a TON of sleep last night, though, and I'm feeling great today. I may even do laundry!

MPB--sounds like you may be suffering from sleep deprivation as well. What are the odds?

M. Paul Bailey said...

The odds are 7 to 1. You sure you want to try to beat the spread?

Cicada said...

Marriedin: Your comment was the first piece of mail that my inbox ever filed as spam. How ironic that BEAF now equals SPAM. I think that these email programs are smarter than they seem!

DMA: You are too kind.

Th.: I have a beaf with my blogging habits lately, too. But now, after nine hours of sleep, I'm teeming with blog ideas. Or, at least I have one.

MPB: Up at 1:30, eh? And you're the only one who thought that BEAF was acceptable. There must be some correlation.

DG: Want to come over and do my laundry, too? Please?

redlaw said...

I just wanted to know why the spell-checker on the game wasn't working....

Cicada, email me with more info on your computer - I know it's very similar to mine and I have a spare battery I could loan you or even give you - let me know!

ambrosia ananas said...

Perhaps you should examine your schedule and see what is causing this lack of sleep and change your priorities. Whatever is causing this problem must go, and the sooner the better.

ambrosia ananas said...

(And yes, I'm joking. Don't kill me, please.)