Who needs the Canary Islands?

(Because I'm busy doing homework and craving cookies and because I can't think of anything to write, I'm going to cheat and copy and paste and email that I sent to Daltongirl, Sahkmet, and Nemesis today. My apology to all three of you excellent ladies. Oh, and the title of this post is obviously in relation to Miss Nemesis's trip, of which I'm not remotely jealous, because of the lotion I bought yesterday.)

When I was in Italy, I would use Dove lotion. It was wonderful and I loved it. Until I got a fungal infection on my legs, and instead of identifying it as a fungal infection, I wrongly blamed my blessed Dove lotion. There were two things that I loved about the Dove lotion: 1) the subtle scent, and 2) the fact that it left tiny gold sparkles all over my skin. Seriously. If you look down at your skin and not only does it smell divine but it also sparkles gold… basically, nothing made me happier.

Except that, as I said, I had to stop using it.

And it’s not available in the United States.

But yesterday when I was at the grocery store, I saw that there was this NEW DOVE LOTION! section with a tester out. The tester wasn’t the gold-sparkly stuff, and it didn’t smell like the Dove lotion. It was disappointing, but it made me hopeful that the entire Dove lotion line would one day come to the US.

And then I saw that Dove had some self-tanning lotion. The lotion cost as much as regular lotion. And I saw this little color chart showing progressively darker skin tones. It promised visible results after a week. So I picked myself up a bottle. Why not?

I showered last night and spread some lotion over my legs and arms. Usually I only ever put self tanner on my legs, but I figured that a slight improvement in color on my arms wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Then I realized that the self tanner has the scent that I absolutely adore. So I went to bed and dreamed of all the Italian memories that I have attached to that scent. This morning, I woke up fifteen minutes before I needed to leave for work. I threw on a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of jeans, and headed off to the office (we’re allowed to wear jeans at work right now because we’re in the middle of a renovation).

Then this morning, during a meeting, I looked down and saw this little patch of darkness on my hand. Weird. Then I lifted up my sleeve a little bit, and holy crap! Forget results after a week! I got results after one night! If I dare to wear short sleeves and short skirts, my professors are going to suspect that I took a quick trip to the Bahamas or something.

Anyhow. I highly recommend the stuff. I am satisfied with both the smell and the color. Now if only I could get some little gold sparkles...


Nemesis said...

You're right, none of us need the Canary Islands.

But some of us are GETTING them!!! Mwwwaaahhh-hah hah-hah-hahahaha!

Sorry. I just asked the girl at the computer next to mine to slap me in the face.

I actually am really jealous of how great the sparkly/tanning lotion sounds. I'll see if I can get some here, because if I can then I can try to mail it to you!

daltongirl said...

Every bit as delightful the second time through.

And I don't need Canary Islands OR Dove lotion, because, well, I hate to throw THIS in your face, but you force me to it--I get to have sex whenever I want.

NOW who's laughing?

Mwwwaaahhh-hah hah-hah-hahahaHA!

Brinestone said...

I love Dove products. I'm slowly replacing all my beauty products with Dove. That gold-sparkly lotion sounds wonderful, and I think I'll go pick up some self-tanner sometime soon because being pregnant usually results in not feeling pretty, and I think a nice tan could make me feel at least a little less bizarre looking. :)

redlaw said...

Geez, Sex, the Canary Islands, and lotion with sparkles in it...I have nothing to offer in this conversation...except two seasons of AD bliss on DVD...

FoxyJ said...

There was this awesome soap from Nivea that I used to buy in Spain. It was like "almond creme" or something. I still miss it.