Cicada in a Bikini!


Long ago, I promised to post a picture of me in a bikini. I cannot deliver on this promise because I have never worn a bikini in my entire life. But I have worn one-piecers, and I do have a picture of me in a one-piece suit that I am ready to post and in honor of the fact that I still feel the need to justify the fact that I can do without the Canary Islands, I will post it. Just to stick it to Nemesis. Just so that you are aware and ready to look at it tonight, it will post at approximately 7:00 p.m., if I am anywhere near a computer at that time.

Prepare to be titillated.


marriedin said...

Titillate. What a great word. I thought you might like to know that the boy has a new fascination with nipples and although he is trying to say beep beep it sounds like teet teet. Grandy was not impressed.

I don't know who taught him that.

Cicada said...

I almost called grandy the moment I saw a titmouse to tell her that I saw a titmouse. Titmouse, titmouse, titmouse. I'm very, very glad that your boy is learning at a young age. Don't all boys have a fascination with nipples?

Also, if I were around, I'd try to teach your boy the very worst things. Most importantly, that the phrase "Break a leg" is not to be taken literally. Poor baby.

redlaw said...

am going to hold my breath till least try to...