A Short and Humorous Language Moment

In Italian, like in Spanish, the same word is used for both because and why. This word is perche (pronounced pear-KAY).

A sweet Italian sister was taking advantage of being surrounded by anglophones to practice her English.

On a particularly frustrating day, she dramatically raised her arms to the sky, shaking them, and yelled out, "BECAUSE!?!?"

Her patient companion corrected her: "It's why, sister. Why."

The Italian sister raised her arms to the sky again, correcting herself: "WHY!?!?"


sakhmet said...

This reminds me of one of my FAVORITE Sesame Street scripts involving Grover and the letter Y. You can read the script on a poorly designed website here:

Miss Hass said...

Aw. I love those kind of moments. They make language learning worth it.

That's not the only thing that makes it worth it, of course. Just one of the things.

The Divine Miss A said...

Sometimes when you make a mistake, you just have to do it with gusto. That's right. Go with gusto.

Th. said...


Sakhment--Thanks, loved it. Better than half the Abbott and Costello routines.

FoxyJ said...

One of my favorite things to do with one of my Spanish comps was to go to another room in the apartment and ask her to come in. She'd yell "I go", "I come", "I am going" and then just get frustrated. She couldn't ever remember that in English we say "I'm coming"