If I wanted water, I'd ask for water.

Okay, so basically no one's going to get that reference. Except maybe my family and marriedin. It's from an old Canadian beer commercial.

The point is that I want water. Today I came home from class and heard running water outside my house. I went inside and heard running water inside my house. I went to the basement to find a waterfall coming from behind our dryer. Luckily we have an unfinished basement with a drain in it, so all the water just came down the wall and ran down the drain.

I called my landlord and left a message. I called my apartment manager and left a message. I IMed Daltongirl and complained.

Eventually, though no one called to tell me they'd received any messages, my landlord's brother-in-law showed up to look at things. After realizing the job was too big for him, he turned off our water and called a plumber.

You may recall that I've been sick. Because I'm sick, I didn't shower this morning. That may not make sense, but the point is I didn't shower, okay? But I really really needed a shower tonight. There is an apartment of girls in my ward that I've fallen in love with during the past week or so, so I called one of them first. But she didn't answer. So I called my visiting teachers and asked if I could use their shower. Strange request, but nonetheless necessary.

I ran with my bathrobe and towel and soap for a couple blocks to their house. Not in my bathrobe and towel. With my bathrobe and towel. They led me to their basement and showed me into their bathroom and told me to enjoy my shower. They didn't leave me any showering instructions or warnings, so I assumed that all was well. I got naked, stepped into the shower, and started the routine.

Then the water went frigid.

Then normal.

Then frigid.

Then normal.

Then frigid. In fact, it was so cold that I actually almost screamed. The rest of the shower was painful. I'd step out of the stream of water when it was freezing, and then step back into the stream of water when it went warm again, vigorously lathering or rinsing my body in an effort to end the unpleasant shower as quickly as possible.

When I got out of the shower, the house was deserted. My visiting teachers left me a note saying they hoped I enjoyed my shower.

I came back to the house to find out that our plumber had said that our water would not be turned back on tonight since he didn't have the part he needed to fix the pipe. Ohhhhh, the misery! I have no idea when this is going to be fixed! But there are bright sides to this situation, I'm sure...

1) I don't have to feel guilty about not doing the dishes or mopping my filthy floor (even more filthy now that the plumber has walked through it seventeen times).

2) I have extra incentive to go to the gym now, since I'll need to use their workout facility and their shower facility.

And that is it. It's a list of two. Now, I'm hungry, but I don't want to make any food because I have naught wherewith to clean it up. I would go out for food with The Boy, but he already ate today. Woe is me.


Savvymom said...

You can come use my shower. I can even come get you, since I have a car, my husband is out of town, and I am looking for excuses to leave my children with someone else. I think coming to get you to take a shower would constitute a need for a babysitter.

And we have two bathrooms, so you'd have your OWN shower. We even have Lever 2000, your favorite!

Too bad you didn't call me......

Limon said...

My dad didn't have a shower where he lived for months, so he went to the gym every day. He lost a lot of weight. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise?

BowlerGirl said...

I have purposely left all my favorite showering accouterments at the gym so I am more motivated to actually GO to the gym. Other than that....unless you are in NJ I cannot offer you a shower.

Other news....the cold you have is terrible. I came down with the same thing after visiting my family in Provo a few weeks ago. The stupid thing lingers, so be prepared for alot more Halls, Robitusen and anything else you can get your hands on.

Th. said...


In my experience, even the coldest shower becomes tolerable if you open up and scream loudly enough.

metamorphose said...

Oh I know the misery all too well. I lived in a house once that was being remodeled. We didn't have a working shower, so I went to a neighbor's house. (I actually had a date, so I really felt a need to be so fresh and so clean.) But they wouldn't let me shower there, them bitties. Boo. I had even brought my own shampoo.

daltongirl said...

It's clear to me that your visiting teachers are concerned that you're going to take that "Is there anything we can do for you?" bit seriously, which is never good. So they stood in the kitchen and turned the hot water on every few seconds for the duration of your shower, and then ran out just before you emerged. Tricksy, no? I say you pretend like nothing happened and keep going over there to shower. They'll get tired of the scheme after a couple of weeks.