Cicada can't be doing with love.

I don't know what that means. All I know is that someone googled that and found my blog. And like when I open the scriptures haphazardly and point to a verse, or like when I read my horoscope or a fortune cookie, I'm trying to find some way in which it applies to my life.

And since I can't, and since I've been lacking ideas for posts lately, I'll just share this picture that I made for Ambrosia this summer when she/we accidentally forgot to tip our waitress. We went back the next day when we realized we'd forgotten the tip, and tipped her for the previous day's meal before we even sat down (we didn't want her to spit in our food) and then remembered to tip her again after our meal.


ambrosia ananas said...

Thank you for telling the entire Internet that I'm a lousy and inconsiderate customer. Now I'll never get into another nice restaurant again. Not that the Chinese place was particularly fancy, but hey, anything with a $4.50 lunch special (or $6.50 or whatever it was) is a nice restaurant in my book.

Psssst. So when can I bring that thing over?

Limon said...

My blog always comes up on the search for "Broadback mountain." Apparently a lot of people don't know the name of that movie. Hopefully they read my blog and figure it out.

Mary said...

It sounds like an Asian translation of something.

My sister once gave me a pad dainty paper from Chinatown with a saying printed on the bottom which was obviously tranlated from Chinese:

"May your good and kind be the kind of thing brought back to you in your return."

Mary said...

Judging by the number of typos in my last comment, my native tongue is Chinese.

Joe said...


Cicada is actually an electronic band whose only album is amazing; you should check it out.

"cant be doing with love" is track 12.