Working Out

Gosh darnit, I may be making progress this time! I've gone to the gym three times in the last week and I'd say that's 300% improvement, but if I go to the gym never, don't I have to multiply three times zero... which leaves me with zero? Well, I've either made 300% improvement or I've made 0% improvement.

But tonight's adventures in changing my lifestyle to finally be more healthy included a trip to Smith's where I bought about sixteen Healthy Choice meals. I chose them because they're healthy. And I chose them because I can just grab one and run to work and then I'm all set for lunch. Also, they were over 50% off. I also stocked up on Slim Fast shakes, just because I have a hard time getting breakfast in the morning, so on days when time is short, it's better to grab one of those than to grab nothing. I grabbed a bag of grapefruit and a bag of spinach. And for days when I really want to indulge myself, I got Chunky soup to eat with tortilla chips.

(I should also mention that I spent $50 on groceries and I saved $30. I heart sales!)

It turns out that limiting your eating to 1500 calories a day isn't that hard. I did it today without even trying. (Well, that's not couting the 3000 calories of cough drops I'm sure I consumed.) Last night I was talking to my massive German friend who is twenty pounds less massive. He limited himself to 1500 calories and lost twenty pounds in five weeks. Now, of course I don't expect to lose twenty pounds in five weeks. But I would like to lose thirty-five pounds in four months. I think that's reasonable, though some people won't call me "dear" because of it.

Also, a funny tangential note about the German. We were chatting on IM.

German: Weren't we supposed to go out this weekend?

Cicada: Oh yeah. We were! I guess things got busy. Well, let's still plan on going out, but not this next weekend because I'm already booked up. Let's shoot for two weekends away.

German: Too many dates.

Cicada: NOT too many dates! You're the last person I went on a date with! [in July]

German: Oh, that's mean. :(

German: Wait. I read that wrong. Now I see what you're saying.

So it made me laugh, because he thought that I was telling him that he's the last person I would go on a date with. Poor man. Well, at least I'll have another date in a couple weeks.

So that's it for tonight, I think. I know that all this post has to do with diet and exercise, so it's not really thrilling, but it's what I'm thinking about lately so it's what I'm posting. Wish me luck!


Master Fob said...

Good luck! I've been working out consistently for a while now and it's helped a lot (I should post pictures of me at the beach two Christmases ago [shudder]), but one of these days I'm going to have to start using some kind of self-control with what I put in my mouth. (And then chew and swallow and digest and convert into fat.)

Savvymom said...

So do you put salt on grapefruit? I hear it brings out the flavor and sweetness, but I'm too afraid to try, so I just dump a whole lot of sugar on it.

Also, what's with Canada giving heroine and crack and stuff to addicts?

Cicada said...


I have also always been afraid to try the salt on grapefruit thing! I always think of it, but I'm too wimpy to try.

And I have no idea about Canada and heroine and crack and stuff.

metamorphose said...

Good luck!

I just started trekking back to gym lately too. Sounds like this German is quite the lucky guy to be scoring another date with you, eh?

Mandi said...

I LOVE SALT on grapefruit! Sugar makes it too bitter. Try a tiny sprinkle on one spoonful it won't be yucky, I promise!!

Congrats on the improvement and keep up the good work!

daltongirl said...

So I guess Savvymom remembered the Canada Question she had forgotten.

I wish you the best of luck. If you add some Pilates in there somewhere you'll be really, really happy, I promise. You are an inspiration, truly.

I guess now would be a bad time to invite you over for some Indian food. It's about 2000 calories per meal.

Limon said...

Okay, to settle the debate, salt is definitely better on grapefruit than sugar. Anyone who has tried knows. Strange but true.

Also, I had a wonderful motivation to get up and work out starting this week, but then the Smith Fieldhouse flooded and I decided I'd rather not swim to the weight room. Until next week, Health!

redlaw said...

I have a little mini-tramploine that I jump on whilst watching TV or listening to music (kinda like dancing in an elevator but much less embarrassing)...but that's my ghetto idea of exercise - still, it seems to be working - Yea! Let's celebrate the victories together!

ps - Slim Fast is typically my breakfast of choice and I think it tastes like chalke - why do we do this to ourselves??? Why???

Melyngoch said...

The fact that I live approximately two miles from the humanities building, and the fact that I don't have a car, coupled with the fact that I've actually gained ten pounds since I moved here works out to something sort of miraculous. That or living on Twinkies just isn't going to work much longer for me.

Cicada said...

Uh... I actually LOVE Slimfast!

As for the grapefruit debate, this morning I was brave enough to remove one segment from the grapefruit, salt it individually, and eat it.


I didn't notice any difference at all. Maybe I was too timid with the salt and two grains don't actually make a difference. Be that as it may, the grapefruit was divinely red and needed no human intervention to make it better. Mmmmmm.

Also, I just ate a sandwich at Subway and my fingers smell like bbq... will anyone in the computer lab notice?