New York Doll

Time for another endorsement...

Last night, Brother 2 treated Dirtbag and me to a movie. We went to see New York Doll. This film is an absolute must-see. It details the life of Arthur "Killer" Kane, who was a band member of The New York Dolls in the 1970s. The band enjoyed success for a very short period of time and broke up. In the 80s, Arthur Kane found an ad for the Book of Mormon and thought that he'd request a free copy. Only he didn't know that they don't send it, they bring it. So he took the discussions, read the Book of Mormon, and described his answer to Moroni's promise as "a trip. An LSD trip from God."

The documentary details his life after his conversion, talks about his work in the geneology library, and includes interviews with his precious and adorable coworkers there and interviews with his home teacher and bishop. It then talks about his last hurrah---a reunion concert that Morrisey put together where Brother Kane was able to live out his dream of getting back together with the band.

The whole documentary is sweet, hilarious, and moving. Enjoy it when you have the chance!

(Click here to see the trailer or the first eight minutes of the show.)


Th. said...



I've been wanting to see this movie since I first heard of it a month or so ago, but I think I missed its LA run.

I'm glad to have now heard an endorsement for someone like, oh, say, you.


Stupidramblings said...

I have never heard of this movie.

Therefore, it can't possibly be good.

I am very informed.

I also have an interweb connection (finally) and am posting new posts. I don't condone shameless plugging of one's blog, but it might be necessary at this point.

Tolkien Boy said...

Everyone who has seen this movie agrees it is phenomonal.

I will go and see it when the GRE is done.

Melissa said...

I have seen this movie. I agree it is phenomenal.

From Arthur's very first lines, I knew this would be one of those rare films that would exceed my already significant expectations.