Things I Hate

I'm generally a very positive person, but for a while now I've been wanting to post a list of some things that I hate. Sorry in advance for any offense! Remember, I don't hate people. Just some things.

Halloween lights and other outdoor Halloween decorations, esp when set up in September. Halloween does not equal Christmas.

People who don't understand how to use roundabouts and who get mad at you when you're yielding to the car that has the right of way.

People who break traffic rules out of politeness to you, gesturing for you to go when it is not your turn and when it is not safe to go.

The font papyrus.

Blinking lights in a dark room.

Any bedroom electronics that have bright LED lights that are constantly on, or unnecessarily bright alarm clock displays.

Rancid dish rags. (This should probably be number one.)

The term "brain fart."

The awful feel of cotton rubbing against itself, or dry hands on glass.

Welp, that's all I can think of for now! To be continued, I'm sure!

-- Posted from my iPhone, with apologies for any typos.


Emily said...

Oh, I hate bedroom electronics with bright LED lights and blinking lights in a dark room. I cover them, actually. Sometimes by turning them over (my phone), sometimes by putting a blanket or something over the light (my old tv), and sometimes with tape (an old alarm clock).

Sometimes I break traffic rules, gesturing for people to go when it is not their turn. BUT, I only do it when those people TRY to take their turn unsafely, realize it and gesture for me to go and I start to go and then they start going and stop, and motion for me to go, and it's like NO. JUST GO. But it's not out of politeness; it's out of distrust.

Also, I love how you apologized in advance for any offense--like, will people be offended? I LOVE PAPYRUS, DANGIT, AND MY RANCID DISH RAGS TOO?... Really?...I guess maybe by the decorations and driving ones?

Katya said...

I'm considering starting a nonprofit organization to raise awareness of the overuse of Papyrus among amateur graphic designers. (The madness has to stop! Think of the children!)

SeƱora H-B said...

The state in which I live is FULL of people who are forever trying to wave you through the stop sign first. I have solved this problem by not making eye contact.

I get chills when I think about cotton balls rubbing together. Or about styrofoam on styrofoam. Erghhh

Sarah said...

I also hate halloween lights.... and thanksgiving lights and valentine lights, and fourth of july lights, and all lights that are not Christmas.

KT said...

That's why I love you. Because you understand the important things. Other people think "Oh, how nice of that person to let me go when it's not my turn. They're so considerate and kind" or something but No! Not you, you get how unbelievably irritating it is, NOT kind and considerate, DANGEROUS!!! And really annoying!

The only thing I would really add to the list is cats. I've never felt quite as passionate as my mom about cats until about 6 months or so ago and now my hatred and disgust of them surpasses even hers, I think. I'm going to shut up about it now because as any of my closer friends can tell you, once I get started on the subject, it's really hard to get me to shut up and stop shouting. :-)

Ellen said...

That 4th one also drives me nuts. And my husband is the biggest violator of this! Urgh!

Anonymous said...

People who break traffic rules out of politeness to you, gesturing for you to go when it is not your turn and when it is not safe to go.

YES! I so agree with this! I hate that. People waving for you to while at a stop sign, and you look the other way and there is a car speeding right at where you'd be turning!