Prepare yourself for the cuteness.

Tonight, Murray was assembling some Ikea furniture, and Gulliver decided he wanted to help. Gulliver's help wasn't always the most helpful, but Murray didn't complain. How could you possibly complain when you have this adorable mini helper??

Later in the evening, I saw Gulliver go head first into one of the cubes. Because if there's a cubby open for the climbing into, it must be climbed into! I'm sorry I didn't get the camera fast enough to catch the legs sticking out the top. Or the contortions involved in getting himself facing up again. But at least I got a few shots of him in his cubby.

If you're considering parenthood, we strongly recommend it.


--r said...

so cute!

Sarah said...

I second the recommendation!

The Holyoaks said...

We had the same experience with the same piece of IKEA furniture. Our outcome was not so great . . . lots of tears and some bruising, maybe even a little blood . . . I pretty much blocked that day out of my memory.