Gulliver Loves...

(This is a photo that happened when Gulliver joined Nicole Gerulat's lighting demo a couple weeks ago... Too bad that it's on a flesh-toned background. Now if I can figure out a way to sneak Gulliver in front of Nicole's camera when he's in front of a complimentary background...)

Today Gulliver is having one of those extremely independent days where he just plays all around the living room and kitchen by himself. I've only had to interfere once this morning when I heard that he got some corningware (breakable) dishes out of the cupboard. And he didn't cry when I took them away. That must mean that Gulliver is in a VERY good mood. So let's check in on Gulliver, shall we?

Gulliver Loves...

...The corner kitchen cupboard, where he found chocolate chips the other day. I was working at my computer on the dining table, just barely unable to see him, and suddenly things got quiet and I could hear smacking.


He is his mother's son.

...The yellow couch. Still. Gulliver easily spends about 50% of his living room time playing on the yellow couch now.

...Eggs and cheese. And yogurt still. And cheese by itself. And bananas. (More on bananas later in this post...) But sometimes Gulliver won't eat these things, and I don't know why. Because as soon as he actually TASTES it, he'll gobble it up. Like this morning, when I tried to feed him cheesy scrambled eggs. He wouldn't open his mouth to taste it. I finally had to hold his head still and shove it in. Barbaric, I know, but for the record, he was actually laughing while I did it. And as soon as he got a taste, then he gobbled up all of his eggs. Until, that is, he was done, which he communicates by violently flinging his food onto the floor. Thanks, Gulliver.

...Walking. Gulliver can now walk around, albeit a little wobbly at times. He can walk from one end of the living room to the kitchen. He still crawls sometimes, but is walking more and more.

...His hammer toy from IKEA. He doesn't use the hammer yet, but he can push the posts through with his hands or other blocks.

 (And no, we haven't given him a credit card to play with, that's a hotel key.)

...Phones. He will take my iPhone, put it to his ear, and say, "ohh?"

Gulliver says...

"No." He doesn't mean it, though. My favorite is when he says it when he does something that has traditionally caused us to tell him no. I also like it when he repeats it after he's heard me say it on the phone. No. No. No. It's unbelievably cute.

"Stop." He pronounces it "tap." This and No are words that I think he learned from Murray.

"Banana." This is my current favorite, because he doesn't just SAY banana. He sings it. It's always done in his sweetest most sing-song voice. "Nanana! Nana! Nanana!" So so adorable. When Murray took him to the grocery store recently, he saw the banana table and started saying it: "Nanana! Nanana!"

"Yogurt." He says "Gogur."

So, as you can see, we have an adorable son who keeps on growing up!


Janssen said...

He is so darling, it pains me.

C. said...

I love that he is wearing a darling argyle sweater... and nothing else. Classic.

--r said...

honestly, if you hadn't mentioned it, i wouldn't have thought twice about the background. who could be distracted by a blank background if they could be looking at that cutie?
and he's certainly piling up the accomplishments in a hurry. i wish i could introduce him to my sam. they sound like they would get along swimmingly.