A few days ago I told murray that it is possible to just let gulliver play during the day while you get some work done. Many days, Gulliver is capable of happily playing on his own. Sweep the kitchen floor first and if you hear munching coming from the kitchen, go get him out of whatever he's gotten into.

So apparently Murray decided to test this out today, and didn't look up when he heard gulliver playing by himself for a while. When he finally looked up, Murray found this:

Gulliver had gotten into the artist's gesso. Which by the way is completely water soluble. Phew!

I walked in the door just in time to find Murray catering him upstairs to the bathroom.

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Sarah said...

Yikes. Is gesso expensive?

bedelia said...

I bet that was fun to squish through his fingers.

C. said...

My favorite is the look on Murray's face.

lynette said...

Boy oh Boy!

Jen Davies, MA, CDP said...

I'll often hear people complain that kids are noisy. I never mind it really when kids are noisy, because at least then you know what they're doing. It's silence that I worry about.