Conversation with Murray

I'm stuck in the middle of revisions with almost all of my clients right now. And I don't really love this process. Here's a conversation that I just had with Murray.

Me: I actually understand now why designers will tell you that they'll have your revisions to you in 2 weeks. I mean, most of the time, revisions only take one or two hours. So when I first started, I didn't really understand why designers couldn't just turn revisions around right away.

Murray: Uh huh.

Me: I mean, everything that I'm working on right now is revisions. And so now I see that I can't just turn everything around in the same day. I have to work on projects in order of priority. So that means, it takes a little longer for some people to get revisions.

Murray: Yeah.

Me: So I don't know. Maybe I should institute a 2-week revisions policy.

Murray: So what do you think the priority issue is?

Me: What?

Murray: The priority. What do you think the real issue is. With priority.

Me: Uh... I don't really understand what you're asking. What?

Murray, turning around to face me: I actually wasn't listening to you and I have no idea what you've just said, so I was hoping to bait you and try and get you to repeat it all without admitting that I wasn't listening.


brinestone said...

At least he's honest. I really like your marriage. It makes me smile.

Cicada said...

I really like my marriage, too! Murray cracks me up. (And I admitted to him today that sometimes I tune out when he goes on and on about something.)

Jordy said...

I have done that same thing a lot. Sorry Honey!

--r said...

i've had several rants on the subject of clients and their ridiculous timelines this week.
they make me sound like a pirate. yarrrrrggghhh!

DP said...

Man, don't give away all our secret ricks!

DP said...

I mean tricks. Not ricks.