Don't get bent, TAX MAN!

So we have a tax man. The first time I met him, I was struck by how much he looked like Dustin Hoffman. I mean, he REALLY looked like Dustin Hoffman! So we started calling him Dustin Hoffman, and to this day (two years later, third round of taxes) we still call him Dustin Hoffman:

"Murray, can you call Dustin Hoffman and set up an appointment please?"

Like that.

The funny thing is that each time we actually see him in person, I am struck by how much he does NOT look like Dustin Hoffman. The fact of the matter is that over the year between our appointments with him, my mental image of him actually becomes Dustin Hoffman. So whenever we see him, I'm brought back to reality, and that reality is that our accountant is not, in fact, Dustin Hoffman.

BUT, our accountant is wonderful. Do you want to know why he is wonderful? Because my whole life, I have been fairly anxiety-free except for when it comes to money, and how much I suck at managing it. This anxiety is pretty much cured now that I'm married to Murray and can delegate most money management things to him. But I get slightly anxious during tax time still. But every time we meet with our accountant, a great weight is lifted off of my soul, as he speaks very calming words of how this is allllllll okay, and it's nooooooooot a big deal. In fact, the first time we met with him, I had a confession of a financial sin to share with him. This was a (I thought) weighty financial matter that caused me fear and panic any time it popped into my mind for YEARS. YEARS! And the first time we met with Dustin Hoffman and I shared my little secret with him, he actually told me that it wasn't a problem. At all. No big deal. At all. And in fact, everything was okay, and I didn't even have to do anything to fix my tax error from years and years ago. And it was like absolution and one of the biggest burdens I've ever carried was just LIFTED FROM MY SOUL.

I love Dustin Hoffman.

Each year, he takes our financial information and does our taxes for us. And we end up getting more back than we would if we did them ourselves. AND it saves us time. And saves me anxiety. This year because of the self-employment thing, I thought for sure it was going to be a big complicated mess. But it isn't. It is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. And easy.

Let me know if you want his REAL name, not his Dustin Hoffman name, and I'll refer you to him. Because we love him.


Jordy said...

Is this is a "Stranger Than Fiction" reference? If so, you freaking rock!

Jordy said...

PS: You still rock if it's not.

Cicada said...

Yep. It's definitely a stranger than fiction reference.

lilcis said...

I really wish your tax man was in California so that I could use him. I've always done my own taxes but this year I'm really worried about it since we bought a house last year and I don't want to miss any deductions. But I hate paying a tax professional who's just going to put all our numbers into a computer program without knowing the details about what everything is. I'm afraid they're just as likely to miss something as I am, so what am I paying them for? I want KNOWLEDGE, people!

Cate said...

I'll need to get his info for next year; I should probably stop flying down to CA to see my tax man.