Take THAT, Resumé!

This is just an aside---a momentary break from constantly posting pictures of Gulliver potentially getting in trouble.

So apparently when I was in Chicago, Dr. Rice was in Chicago, too. And we didn't even know it. And I'm so mad I could spit. In fact, I could have spat on her, since she was touring around on an evening architectural boat tour, while I was wandering around the city, crossing the bridges, and spitting on the boat tours below.

But enough about that. Dr. Rice teaches at Georgetown University. So I was mentioning to her that we will probably be teaching our classes in DC in the fall and I needed to start looking in to getting a few hotel conference rooms. At which point she said that she could get us free rooms at Georgetown.

So question: Does that mean that afterward, I can add "Taught classes at Georgetown University" to my resume?


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Stu Finnigan said...

If you will say it then, you may as well add it to your resume now! ;)