Dear Swaggers

One thing that blew me away at BlogHer was all the free stuff that you get. I could have gotten a lot more free stuff if I wanted to, but I wasn't really a swag hag. Sometimes, you reach a point where free stuff is just free stuff. Here is a list of most of the free stuff that I got. It is currently organized into piles in my living room, and like a bad mother, I'm letting Gulliver roll around in it.

My favorite bit of swag, of course, was this adorable handmade memory game from OLLIBIRD, a digital art company. I visited the site and subsequently the blog and found out that the husband and wife are the most attractive people on the planet. I endorse this company 110 percent and would encourage you to do so, too.

That was the only thing that fit into the "handmade" category, and I overheard someone else at the conference express glee at receiving something handmade because everything else she received and could bring home to her children was mass-produced.

* Zarbees cough syrup, which kindof makes me want to get a cough so I can try it out. It's all natural, which I like. And I got a whole bunch of it. Yay! Also, I think they're a local Utah company.
* Mini disposable one-use toothbrushes from Colgate. (Now's probably not a good time to admit that I brush my teeth only once a day, so I don't know how likely I am to use these...)
* Organic baby care items from Nature's Baby Organics, which couldn't come sooner as I have discovered Gulliver has ecsema.
* LOTS of makeup from ELF. I don't think that I received any makeup from anyone but them, and they seemed to be all over the conference. I popped in at their party but felt underdressed (couldn't find a cocktail dress to match my cast) so as I was trying to sneak out, the CEO of the company literally ran after me and told me not to leave without getting my swag bag. I received a mini makeup kit that has everything and is one of my favorite gifts from the conference. I also got lots of their nail polish (from three different parties) and makeup brushes.
* Shaving cream by EOS. Which makes shaving my one leg an even more enjoyable experience.
* Lip balm by EOS, which I think I'll keep in my office so I always have some on hand there. Or by my bed? It's mint, which is my favorite lip balm smell.
* Sugar hair removal from Sugar Me Smooth. I am both curious and scared.
* Hot Sauce FHI Heat hair product.
* Cute foot care products from Lego, as an apology for what happens to our feet when we step on them. (We have yet to reach that point in our household.)

* Lots of kitchen sponges, cloths, and scrapers by Scotch Brite. Will definitely be using these.
* A Bounce dryer thing that STAYS in your dryer for four months and replaces the need of using dryer sheets. Murray will be especially pleased because I won't complain that he forgot dryer sheets when I electrocute myself while folding our underwear load.
* Method lavendar all purpose wipes. Who doesn't love Method?

* 2 scarves and a purse from Torrid.
* Flip Flops from ELF
* A purse from BowlHer that contained their swag

* Two pens from two sources. I think it's remarkable to go away from a conference with only two free pens.
* Cute file folders, notebook, and paper clips from Office Max
* Sticky notes from

TECH: (It was a blogging conference, after all.)
* A jump drive from Bounce (undetermined size)
* A jump drive from Michelin, incorporated into a LIVE STRONG-style bracelet. It is 256MB.
* A jump drive from Ann Taylor, leopard print (but actually very classy leopard print)
* A USB hub from, from the girls at I'm actually excited to use, and I'll let Murray determine whether or not he wants to use the hub since we already have one. On second thought, I'll put it in my laptop case and keep it with the laptop.
* An ethernet extension cord, great for travelling, from BlogHer
* A Kodak mini camcorder, in red. By far the most expensive thing I received. Thanks, Socialluxe Lounge!

* A Mister Potato Head from Playschool (another of my favorite gifts)
* Playdough and a rolling bug toy, suitable for Gulliver, from Playschool
* Science for kids, little packaged experiments. Made me wish Gulliver was older. From Steve Spangler Science. One of these is a mentos in a bottle experiment. I was also able to ask these ladies what happens if you drink diet coke while eating mentos, because if you're going to explode, shouldn't there be a warning label somewhere? They let me know the world is safe because our stomach acid takes care of the problem. Phew!
* A cool food container from Boon that you can put kids' snacks in, like Cheerios. I really like Boon's clean graphic design.
* A Spiderman comic book that you need this little thing to read. I had never heard of this, and I can't find it to find the company name, but friends assured me that they're really really cool and their kids love them.

[The food part is hard because most of the food was consumed before I came home because I am a glutton.]
* A tin of mints from I don't know who, but I'll be keeping them around because you always need mints. Hint to swag givers: Try to get your tin of mints in the MAIN BAG given at the event because I would have killed for some mints during the whole conference.
* Weight Watchers brownies, which were basically my sustainance between meals, and on the first day when approximately 18 hours passed between meals. (I ate at 6:00 a.m. and then ate my next meal at 2:00 a.m. How many hours is that? I'm too lazy to do the math.)
* Some "kinky" "sexy" chocolates that were so good that I ate a bunch there and then at a whole package at home yesterday. I'd rather not remember what company makes them because clearly I can't be trusted with chocolate.
* Speaking of which, Dove chocolate, 80% of which did not make it home. And I received the package at 1:00 a.m. the night before I left and I left first thing in the morning. Oh the shame!
* Gold fish crackers.
* A huge bottle of Chambord raspberry liqueur that I plan on using in delicious chocolate desserts + a shot glass.

* A neck pillow from Little Giraffe

* A water bottle, that I'll actually end up keeping.
* Energizer Bunny Ears, that are foam and disposable but that are one of Gulliver's favorite items so far. They have made him laugh a lot.
* A clown nose from Barnam and Bailey. For real? I'll keep it!
* A keychain from LEGO, that is cute
* A keychain from J Caroline Creative, that is really cute and sturdy. The best part was that I received it from her in person and she is the Queen of the Quilt Market. It was hard to choose which one I wanted! And it uses How About Orange's design. (I also got to meet her in person and all of this will be in another post!)

* Lots from various companies.

Wow. I think that about covers it. I'm sure I'm missing a few things here and there, but you get the idea: major haul.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

Stuff We All Get.......and then clutter our lives with.

But not the free camcorder, because even though it's made by Kodak, it takes a memory card and I like that. Someday they'll have like a 1 TB card, and I'll never have to upload the video, I'll just film our whole lives and keep it on the camera.

Alison said...

WOW! Yet another reason to attend next year!

Jenny said...

You should come over and paint my toenails. I can't reach them anymore.

KJ said...

Mini camcorder for real? and a clown nose? I hope you had a really great time!

daltongirl said...

Um. I may need to rethink my conference-attending strategy for next year. The conference I am currently attending has given me . . . their conference bag. There is no swag available. None. At all. I didn't even get a free pen, unless you count the one I stole from the hotel room. This is the (only) difference between the commercial world and the non-profit/prevention world. Of course, they are also paying for everything, which makes it possible for me to attend, but in addition to free meals, free airfare, free swanky hotel, and a little take home money (if I play my cards right), it would be nice to get a pair of Energizer bunny ears.