Myriad Activities!

This weekend was pretty much awesome. I took a much-needed break and we participated in many activities, nay a plethora of activities, nay even myriad activities!

(In Sunday School yesterday, "myriad" seemed to be the word of the day as everyone was trying to work it into their comments to sound smart. I told Murray to make a comment using the phrase, "...a plethora---nay, even myriad..." but he refused. Much like the time I dared him to use a phrase during the opening prayer of Sacrament meeting. We attend the Kolob x Ward. The opening hymn was "If You Could Hie to Kolob." I dared him to give thanks that we can hie to the Kolob x Ward every week. He didn't, that big chicken.)

On Thursday evening Murray and I took a nice scenic drive around Springville. Gulliver was getting hungry so we stopped at a park to feed him. We sat in the car and I just stared at the bizarre equipment in the park ahead of us. I wanted to know how it worked. So when I was done feeding Gulliver and while Murray was strapping him into the car, I went to the equipment and approached this one thing that looked kindof like a flower. You put your bum in it and it spins you around. Well, I sat in it and didn't have to do anything before the weight of my body started spinning me. And spinning me. And spinning me. It wouldn't stop! I was laughing. And laughing. And then calling for help. Murray meanwhile was sitting in the car, watching the spectacle. I called for help again and when I heard Murray say, "Oh, are you serious?" then I started to panic and I started spinning even faster. Murray eventually rescued me.

On Friday, El Senor and his girlfriend La Senorita came over to visit. We told them about the park and invited them to come back with us because this time we meant to record it on the Flip. Thanks to the Flip, I now have this to share with you:

And as long as I'm sharing videos, here's a couple that demonstrate what happens when I leave Murray at home alone with Gulliver.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

Of the myriad of videos you posted, I enjoyed a plethora of them. A veritable potpourri of enjoyable content, says I.

I liked it when that rather heavy set gentleman biffed it on the ground, nay, the very earth on which we reside.

Jonathon said...

Your ward is seriously called the Kolob x Ward? That's nuts.

Red said...


The videos of you are the best, Cicada, though I will admit Murray's right - him falling out of the thing definitely made me laugh. ;)

Shop Girl* said...

hahaha Oh wow... how do they spin?? Is it just a momentum thing??

KT said...

I want to go to that school! Why did Miller and Pinecrest not have those cool things?

I agree with Murray and Red. I also really enjoyed your seemingly uncontrollable glee throughout all the playground videos. Your laugh makes me laugh. =>

The word verification is yeawell. I like it.

Jenny said...

those things look like upside down plungers. And you put your bums in them, and it's just... well... strange.