Please Ignore the Electrical Cord

And please don't call child services.

I am asbolutely swamped. Like I'm going to go insane swamped. Like I'd better get a pile of money when this is over to replace all the happy summer memories I could have been creating with my husband and first born swamped.

So today, poor Gulliver has been having a hard time because he's teething. Also, he's learning that when I park myself in front of the computer, that means that my focus is no longer on him, and he starts to cry. Add to that the difficulty of the fact that everything on my list right now has to be done in the unbabyproofable office. So we've been having a tough day. I'm going to be honest with you. I am in my underwear and I have sweet potato baby food ALL OVER MY BODY but I can't stop to shower.

So after lunch (when I got all that stuff all over my body---also, I sat Gulliver on the kitchen counter to feed him... child services?) we came back upstairs and I put Mr. I Refuse To Nap today in his room to play.

By the way, we never childproofed the nursery. Of all the rooms in the house that should be childproof, that's the one. But we made it when he was in utero, so what did we know about childproofing.

When the noises stopped coming from the other room, I went in to inspect and here's what I found.

Dear Gulliver,
I promise you a really nice vacation next month and I promise you I will better organize my time so that we can both slow down a little. And I'm sorry I let you play with the electrical cord.


Claire said...

My favorite part is the big 'ol band-aid on his leg.

Cicada said...

In my defense, that is from his shots yesterday. :)

brinestone said...

I've had days like this, where I feel like a complete failure. And yeah, it's usually when I'm stressed out of my mind. :) You're still a good mom.

Red said...

We keep thinking we HAVE child-proofed Little Miss's room...and then last night we found her in bed with her night light.

But I've definitely gone through the can't-get-anything-done-while-kiddo's-awake-and-oh-look-who's-refusing-to-nap stuff. It makes things interesting!! GOOD LUCK!

KJ said...

childproofing: i'm certain you are aware of a certain Mr. C who is child-proof-proof. Same with my little one. And as for being swamped, I thought of something new you have to do: have your patterns printed as fabric. Seriously. I see bedding and curtains and pillows and big fat dollar signs coming your way. So, in your spare time, look into it. You must. I want bedding in your patterns.

Jordan said...

My little one gets jealous of the sewing machine and refuses to do anything but paw at my legs, especially when I'm working on a silk wedding gown. She prefers straight pins to electrical cords. It happens to the best of us, right?

Melissa [IS•LY] said...

Penelope loves any sort of cord as well. OH, and she loves to wrap them all around her neck, too!

At least Gulliver isn't walking yet.