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I'd like to introduce you all to a new section of my blog. If you'll be so kind as to link over if you're reading this in a reader right now, you can see my new design! I figured I'd update headers periodically as Gulliver grows. Murray, of course, wants to know where I am in this header, and right now I'm just not in it. Maybe I'll put myself in later, but for now, it's the men of my life!

Anyway, about the new section. Recently I've been contacted a few times about advertising on my blog. I feel like this is my personal blog and a place to share Gulliver's poop stories. It's about me and my family, not about getting you to buy the latest and greatest product. So I would prefer not to have ads. However, I have started to think about the reach that my blog does have and I've realized that I should use it as a tool to recommend service providers who I am personally connected to.

Take the following scenario for example. My father-in-law is a realtor here in Utah. Because of the great tax incentives right now, it's a great time for first-time buyers to get a home. So I end up hearing about a lot of friends who are already in the process of buying or selling a home! And then I get sad because I didn't know in time to let them know that my wonderful father-in-law is a realtor. And maybe if they had known that I had my father-in-law to recommend, they would have had the confidence to use a realtor whom they felt they could trust, rather than just searching the yellow pages for whomever.

So I'd like to use my left sidebar as a place to recommend people to whom I am personally connected, whose services you might need one day. I hope you find it useful and helpful!

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