The Living Room Playground

So the living room is one place that I've at least tried to baby proof. Now that Gulliver is an expert roller, beginning army crawler, sitter upper, and own-toe tickler, I'm seeing my problem areas.

1) The shoe rack. It's a veritable buffet of horrible things for Gulliver to put in his mouth.

2) The Nintendo Wii. It calls out to him.

3) The drawer above the Nintendo Wii. He just figured out that it opens!

4) All the drawers in our card catalog.

5) Any electrical cords. They're his favorite.

6) Any other thing I happen to leave out on the floor.

7) The uncarpeted areas. I've never been a good sweeper, but now if I don't keep on top of it, all that crud ends up on my BABY.

8) Crud. How is it that I put all these entertaining and engaging toys on the floor for him to play with, but he happens to find the one piece of random crud on the carpet?

Oh, Gulliver. How I love you. But I really don't have the time right now to rearrange my ENTIRE MAIN LEVEL.

El Senor sent the following photo with this message: This should fix his wandering nature.


Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I never could have ever thought when I put together that cabinet that my son would fit so nicely in that compartment.

It warms the heart.

--r said...

you mean he isn't enthralled by the doop-ba-doo (what we call the music blocks) like i am?

Kristeee said...

Just wait until you have all your stuff moved to the backs of your countertops and then he learns to stand on his tippy toes and his arms grow 3 inches overnight. Then you get to rearrange again. sigh.