Some Vacation Photos

We have a lot to say about our vacation, but not enough time to say it all yet. How about a few pictures to start with. These are all from my iPhone, so the majority of photos are from our Texas half of the trip. Most of the Canadian photos will still have to be pulled off our camera.

My dad insisted on introducing Murray to Tim Horton's as soon as possible when we arrived in Canada. This is at 2:00 a.m.

Murray thinks it's really funny that we have bagged milk in Canada. Not plastic gallons. I'll say one thing. It's a lot easier to store lots and lots of bags of milk in your fridge than it is to store lots of gallons.

This is Murray trying to take pictures of some interesting people when pretending to take pictures of Niagara Falls. All our good Niagara Falls pictures will have to come off my camera.

This is me in the Buffalo airport trying to slyly get a picture of a woman who Murray insisted was Hillary Swank and who wasn't actually Hillary Swank.

Murray with Buffalo wings in Buffalo.

In Texas now. Can you tell?

Murray was excited about the antiques store. But they were all fake antiques---new items passed off as "antiques." So disappointing.

So beautiful, times 2.

Murray, the giant ground sloth.

Murray in front of a favorite Houston restaurant, Pappasito's.

Me being a goat whisperer at the Snake Farm. This is not the goat who got its horns up my skirt and gave everyone a show. Horny goat.

Who would ever pass up a trip to a Snake Farm?


Murray and the dinosaurs.

I love Lucy! More about this later, but Murray and I had no idea that she was actually there!!

Can you tell which is most advanced?



Eating alligator.

Eating alligator.

Second-largest mall in the country.


Sam Houston monument!

After this trip, I'm SO ready to move to Houston. If I can get over that annoying Texas pride thing, maybe Murray and I will one day make the move.


Jenny said...

I didn't know Lucy lived there either. Go you!

KT said...

I love that your dad took Murray to Timmy's at 2 AM! As much as I love Krispy Kreme, I miss Boston Cremes and the deliciousness that is a REAL apple fritter. I'm glad my doughnuts here don't taste like smoke though...

I'm glad you guys had fun. I'd really like to visit Houston after your glowing report.

jeri said...

I spent a week in Dallas a few years ago and it was probably the worst city I've ever been in. And I hear you on the Texas pride thing. But... maybe I'll have to give Texas another try.

Jordy said...

Annoying Texas pride thing? What?

-Jordan (The Dallasinian)

Janssen said...

I was amazed how much I liked Houston when we went down a few months back. It's really a gorgeous, cool city. Who knew?!

Nemesis said...

ACTUAL alligator? And yes, you are the Goat Whisperer. When I have pygmy goats in my backyard you are more than welcome to come deal with their emotional problems. I will feed you tart afterwards.

TOWR said...

"Who wouldn't want to visit a snake farm," you ask? The answer is me. I wouldn't want to visit a snake farm.

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I'm jealous!

Jon Boy said...

You don't have gallon jugs of milk in Canada? I seem to remember seeing both gallons (metric gallons, that is) and bags in Edmonton. But maybe that's just Alberta.

Also, I still regret that I never had poutine while we were there. So tragic.

Natalie said...

My favorite picture is Murray with the skulls. He'd be cute even if he was decapitated.

That sounds really scary and stalkery, but I promise, it's not.

I am glad you had fun - it looks like it was a great trip.

And, as for the Texas pride, thing - you just need some "Don't Mess With Canada" t-shirts. That'd be awesome!

Shauna said...

Found your blog via my cousin Brad Hayes's. (Do you even know him?) Anyway, just have to comment on the Texas pride thing. Speaking from experience, it'll annoy you the first year, amuse you the second year, and by the third year you'll start to believe it. After that, you'll wonder how you could have lived anywhere else and be ever so tempted by those bumper stickers that say "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could." But you will show self-restraint and not actually buy one on a count of bumper stickers kind of look a little white-trashy. But, you'll be tempted. You'll see.

Kathleen and Kyle! said...

hey this is kathleen, justin's friend. i don't know if you remember me at all because we only met briefly once. but i remember reading your blog back before justin wasn't on his mission because you were (are) so darn funny!! anyway fast forward to this summer and i have the most boring job in the universe so i end up stalking blogs for part of the day and i found yours again. i feel weird and creepy but it sounds like you met your husband that way?!! anyway, i just wanted to say hey and congrats on the marriage and the baby!! that is a lot of change! and i'm also going to make you my blog friend just so i can more easily stalk you. can we be blog friends? also my husband is from texas, well austin which i think is a little different and i refuse to move there because of the texas pride thing. we even have a texas ice cube tray.