Last day of work

Friday was my last day of work. For about the last two weeks, I've had pretty much constant dreams about work. There was one night that I actually worked an entire day of work during my sleep, and woke up realizing that I had to do it all over again. Other dreams included packing up my office (again and again and again) but in my dreams, my office had as much stuff as an apartment. I hate moving. Another dream was about all my coworkers stealing my sweaters because they thought I was giving them away. Clearly, my mind had a lot of anxiety about work.

I left my job because 1) it's in Salt Lake and that's a big commute for me (2-3 hours a day), and 2) once I found out I was pregnant, Murray and I decided that the thought of combining the commute with an expanding belly wasn't the funnest idea. And so here I am, striking it out on my own, starting up as a contract worker. We'll see how that works out for me. I'm grateful to have Murray to support us through this so that we can take a risk and see what happens.

It wasn't easy leaving my job, though. I woke up early Friday morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I just got ready and made the last commute. My last day mostly consisted of cleaning up my office and finishing up last minute details, and explaining projects to my coworkers so that they could tie up any loose ends. And of course, there were lots of jokes about Toby from The Office, since the season finale was all about his last day. (In my exit interview, I was not asked, "Who do you think you are" or "What gives you the right?")

In order to clean all my files off my computer, Murray suggested I take in one of his external hard drives and just put my personal stuff from my work computer onto there. (No, I didn't steal company files, like all of the fonts, which apparently someone did do before.) Of course, he didn't know which hard drive had space, so told me to take the suitcase with all his hard drives in it. And so I walked into the building at 7:00 a.m. looking like I was carrying a bomb into my last day of work. I expected a SWAT team to burst in and take me out.

Here's the last picture taken at work, which includes my coworkers who came to escort me out of the building (which is better than Security, like Toby got).

Ah crap. In looking at this picture, I realize that there's a bunch of papers on my shelf that I was supposed to give and explain to Polly. I'll have to give her a call.

Anyway. Now moving on to the world of self employment, I realize that I'm going to have to set up some structure and some rules for myself. Like shower and brush my teeth every day. And do my hair. And get dressed. So far I'm not doing so well.

So yeah. I've got to get on with the day, and do some responsible things to get ready for our big vacation. So this is me, signing out, and reminding you that if you have work for me to do, I'd love to do it. For pay.

(Oh, and sorry for dropping the ball on sewing skirts... I'm going to have to do it AFTER my trip. There was too much to do what with leaving my job and all to leave time for sewing.)


TOWR said...

I'm so jealous... Good luck!! (And bon voyage!)

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

I am now your boss...or you are mine, or something.

Jon Boy said...

I'd say that the last picture sexually harassed me, but we don't work together anymore.

The Stancliff Family said...

Congrats to you! And showering and teeth brushing are TOTALLY overrated.

Braun Family said...

i just really like you. I hope you're coming to Jordan's baby shower so that I can catch up with you. And, yes, I do still have your wedding present sitting very still at my house, waiting ever so patiently to get to yours. have fun in the mother land.

btw...wait until you have your baby. Forget about EVER brushing your teeth or getting dressed. You never have a proper night or morning and all of the sudden it's been a week and you realize you're still wearing the grimy clothes you put on 5 days ago and your teeth are getting nice an mossy.