A moment from Canada.

Just thought I'd take a moment to say that Murray and I are still alive and doing well. We're almost done with the Canadian half of our vacation and are about to move on to the Texan half. Here's my favorite quotes from the trip so far:


Customs officer at Canadian border: Are you taking anything with you other than clothing.

Dad: A painting.

Customs officer: What is the value?

Dad: Oh, no, it has no value. It's all just painted by hand.

Customs officer: All right. Move on through.

I think that Murray almost had an anneurism at the suggestion that a "painted by hand" painting had no value. And that the customs officer wouldn't think that was something to investigate futher. Since it's a PRINT of a painting, my suggestion after the fact was that he should have said, "No, it's a photocopy. It has no value." That would be more believable. And "painted by hand"? Painted by foot is much more valuable.


Grandpa: Well, we're in North Bay now, and this is the home of the Dionne Quintiplets.

Me: Quintuplets.

Grandpa: Quintiplets. There were six of them I think. QuinTRIplets. Six.

Me: Quintuplets. There were five. Quint means five.

Grandpa: Well, if your grandmother were here, she could tell ya.


Dad (about the neighborhood where I was born): It all looks a little red necky right now. I guess it looked a little red neck back then, too. I guess we WERE a little red neck. We just didn't know because we had to wear scarves.


I'll post more details about our Canadian adventures when I'm home and when I can post the accompanying pictures!


Nemesis said...

I'm not sure I could love your grandpa more.

spart said...

I wish I was there to see you guys! I hope you're living it up. What does Murray say about our little town?

hairof gold said...

I'm so jealous of your vaca. Have a wonderful time and tell your fam I said hello.

KT said...

I wish I was there too! My mom told me all about your train adventure up north. How's Murray likin our fair homeland?

Jill said...

Well hello! I came across your blog one day because also that same day I came across Nemesis' blog and have started reading, dare I say "stalking", every now and again. Today at work is incredibly boring so I thought hey, I'll go catch up on Cicada's blog....well lo and behold I came across your announcement of when you get engaged and hey! You and I have the same anniversary. Unless you changed it from November 3rd, then nevermind. :)

jeri said...

We miss you. And I love your grandpa too. Also my secret code word to leave a comment is SHIZNK. So shiznick to you too.

B-rad said...

Great photos. I hadn't been to your blog in a while and I saw it linked on the side of my blog from back in I.S. days. I like the look of your blog. Very cool.

B-rad said...

Do you still design fabrics and purses?