My Day

Here's what I was supposed to do today:

-Hear baby's heartbeat
-Do laundry

Here's what I did:

-Do not hear baby's heartbeat, despite goo. Suspect my protective layer of fat of soundproofing my uterus.
-Get an ambush pap smear.
-Go to lunch with Murray.
-Break permanent retainer. For the THIRD TIME this year.
-Call dentist but no one answers. Leave message.
-Call Canadian orthodontist because I'm going there anyway. Set up an appointment for Monday at 9:30.
-Receive call back from orthodontist's office saying that my orthodontist wouldn't do anything better than the dentists here, so she suggests getting it done by a dentist here. (Then why has the retainer broken THREE TIMES in the past year??)
-Reward myself with gelato because of the pap smear.
-Go back to my car.
-Get ticket for not having correct registration sticker.
-Go to DMV to get new registration sticker.
-Go to courthouse to contest ticket (I was parked half a block away from the DMV... so I told them that I was ticketed while getting my sticker...)
-Got a dismissed ticket.
-Call dentist again. Goes straight to voice mail.
-Call emergency dental hotline, which is dentist's own cell phone. Leave a message.
-Drive to dentist's office to demand service in person. It's been closed all day.
-Go to neighbor dentist and say, "I need someone to cement this NOW."
-Pay less at new dentist than I have at previous dentists...
-Drive home, only to realize that I forgot to check us in at Southwest two hours ago because I wasn't home, except that I was SUPPOSED to be home.
-Go to computer and STILL manage to get us A passes. 45 and 46. Not so bad.

So that's my day. And now I have to try to do some laundry and run to Walmart to get ingredients to do chocolate fondue for cooking club tonight. So much for packing and cleaning. I'm glad that we don't have to leave for the airport until 1:00 tomorrow.


Nemesis said...

Holy crap. I would have killed myself long before the Southwest part, at which point I would have killed myself afresh.

I'm really glad you're okay.

spart said...


Don't forget to call as you whiz by!

Jordan said...

I've never heard the baby's heartbeat on the first try. Pap smears suck, but I think they are still better than that first pelvic exam. OUCH! If you want to feel better about it all, so to my pregnancy blog and look at what happened at my first OB appointment. Ugh.

Hopefully tomorrow is better.

TOWR said...

I want your life. Except for the ticket, dentist, and pap smear part.

Natalie said...

Glad all is better. Have a fun trip. Also, if you could give me a recipe for chocolate fondue, many, many people would love me. Please?

KT said...

Pap smears do suck but wait till you're 8 and a half months pregnant and you have a pelvic exam. There are not words for that experience...I had 4 in one day with my boy. It's a wonder I had another child.

Have fun on your trip! Have some poutine for me.

Jordy said...

That freaking sucks!