It's like rain... on your third-to-last day of work

Today I made my coworker walk to her car in the rain to look for an umbrella for me. She looked in the trunk. She looked in the back seat. And after getting wet, she came back to tell me that she must have left her umbrella at home. I'm not a horrible person for making her do that. Let me explain.

Last night, I decided to spend the night at Captain Fabuloso's house. I decided this after I was already in Salt Lake for work, so Murray had to pack some clothes for me before he came up. (My mom is in town and it was the Bean's birthday celebration, so that's why we wanted to spend the evening in Salt Lake, and then I didn't want to drive home at night just to drive back in the morning.) Had I known it was going to rain today, I would have asked Murray to pack my rain coat and and umbrella. Instead, I asked him to bring my nice silk shirt.

So this morning, I was getting urgently hungry (this happens when you're pregnant) and also I needed to eat breakfast because I'm participating in a fitness challenge right now and I needed to get my breakfast point. But it was raining and I didn't have anything in my office and the cafeteria is in a different building. And I'd have to be out in the rain to get my breakfast.

So I asked my coworker if she had an umbrella and she said maybe in her car and I said well never mind I'm not going to make you get it from your car and she said my car is close and I said still I'm not going to make you go out in the rain to get me an umbrella just so that I don't have to go out in the rain. But she insisted. And in the end, she got wet for nothing. And then I got wet for breakfast.

We all lose.

(Except that I don't lose a breakfast point. I got fresh pineapple and a croissant because that's how healthy I am. Oh, and I'm counting those 90 seconds of intense running towards my 30-minute exercise point.)


Jon Boy said...

You didn't even ask me if I had an umbrella (not that I did).

Murray Terreno di Amore said...

It's like 10,000 silk shirts when all you need is a coat.

Tom Quinn. said...

I hope your shirt wasn't ruined and I hope you come in first place in your fitness challenge, and I hope your friend will forgive you after you totally suckered her out into the rain like that.

Aoi Sakura said...

What sort of fitness challenge is this? I think it would be a good sort of one for me...

I guess this story just proves that you have to find out more before you judge people on their actions. :)