ps from Nemesis

And then I'm really done. Unless Cicada, in her newlywed haze, forgets to take me off as a contributor.

I forgot to mention Switchback and Dr. Rice. They were marvelous, wonderful people who did a ton of work, and I went to bed thinking happy cuddly thoughts about how much I like them. Also it was kind of fun to spend the evening introducing ourselves by our blog names, which made me feel as though I were at some kind of Superhero Convention. "You may know me as Switchback!" "Oh my gosh, you're Switchback!! And which one of you is Daltongirl?"

Need to send more props Daltonboy's way, too. Daltonboy, as you remember, took many many pictures all during the day, and is the reason we were able to include lovely pics with these posts. Daltongirl was a little worried that he might get in the photographer's way, and she didn't want them to be The Kind of People Who Make the Photographer's Job Hard. (Even though Cicada said he was absolutely fine and she was so glad he was there.) Daltongirl felt better during the reception when she overheard someone comment on how smart Murray and Cicada were to hire two wedding photographers.

So. It was a fabulous day, we would never have worked so hard for anyone but Cicada.

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daltongirl said...

I loved introducing ourselves by our blog names, too. Only it backfired on me one time when I was introducing myself to Richie. He just stared at me blankly.

"You know. From the blog," I prompted, expecting an "Ohhhh. Right."

More blank stare. Then, "Uh. I don't read Cicada's blog," he said. I must have looked incredulous, because who doesn't read Cicada's blog? And her own brother!?!

He mumbled something about "I know I should . . ." while turning away, probably trying to find someone not crazy who would just give them their real name.

Good luck there, I thought.