Narwhal Co.

Dr. Rice is shamelessly plugging this new site today. Sample conversation:

Cicada: Hello, Dr. Rice. How are you today?
Dr. Rice:
Cicada: Oh, that's good to hear. What did you do last night?
Dr. Rice:
Cicada: Really? That's fantastic! Oh, I forgot to ask, do these shoes make my butt look big?
Dr. Rice:
Cicada: I thought so.

I figured it was worth seeing what she was talking about. Just in time for the Christmas holidays comes this really cool new site that sells used tie fashion accessories. Wallets, iPod covers, iPhone covers, even manly bracelets that are sure to replace those liveSTRONG bracelet knock-offs as the latest trend. Top it all off with a cool line of t-shirts including this United States gem.

Include this site in your Christmas shopping and bask in your smug feelings of having bought handmade this year.


Anonymous said...

That wasn't our EXACT conversation, but it was pretty close. Take a close look at that map. I think I tried to figure it out for 20 minutes. I guess they're just giving PhDs away now.

Dr Rice

i i e ee said...

Cool. Thanks for the tip, Dr. Rice and Cicada.

i i e ee said...

I'm soo going to have to invest in one of those tie bracelets/wrist wear. Oh yes. But not for a gift to anyone but myself. I'm selfish.

Miss Hass said...

no kidding. I want an iPod cover AND a bracelet. Don't judge me.

KT said...

That's such a cool idea. I want a tie bracelet so bad but the one I want is the green and orange one in the big pic that's not for sale. So sad....=<

Squirrel Boy said...

That t-shirt is awesome. I don't quite understand why the states down the middle (North Dakota to Texas) aren't reversed, though. . . . Maybe I'm thinking too hard about it.

DP said...

I don't like what they did to PA.