Because cool people choose the Provo Temple

Hi, Daltongirl has passed the torch on to me, Miss Nemesis, to dicuss the wedding itself. I will do this for you now.

The Provo Temple, I will admit to you, is not the most popular temple wedding destination. It was built in the 70s, when there was possibly more crack in the water than there is now. The rumor behind the design is that it was inspired by a scripture in Exodus, where the Lord leads the Israelites after they escaped from Egypt:

And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way, and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light, to go by day and night:

He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people. (Exodus 13: 21-22)

So you have this big . . . possibly cloud-looking . . . structure, and then there was this flame-looking gold-colored spire on top. Which, yeah, if you're thinking of the scripture then it's kind of meaningful and cool and makes us think about the temple as a symbol of God's constant presence and guidance.

Only a few years ago I guess they said to heck with the scripture, we need more brides! So they made the spire white and put the Angel Moroni on top. And Daltongirl wants me to add the apocryphal statement by President Hinckley, who allegedly said, "Okay. No more wedding cake temples."

People only seem to get married at the Provo temple if they're incredibly low-key, if there's a family tradition, or if they're cool and funky. Do we even need to ask which camp Cicada and Murray are in? Plus it made more sense since it's close to where all the other events were being held. I applaud their choice.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, as you can see. I arrived at the temple and found Daltongirl and Daltonboy in the waiting room. We also recognized the elderly couple (relatives of Cicada's) who caught a gun show between the breakfast and the temple. They offered to take Murray and Cicada's dad with them but I believe Cicada's mom nixed that idea. Probably wise. Because I knew I wouldn't see Cicada before the ceremony, I made sure at the wedding breakfast to whisper in her ear the advice my mother gave to my sister Jenny just before her wedding. "Remember. You still have time to change your mind." Somehow I don't think she'll be saying this to me when it's my turn. Cicada accepted my advice gravely, and I rested easy in the knowledge that I'd done my duty.

After everyone arrived we went upstairs to the sealing room, which was beautiful and peaceful. Cicada's sweet aunt handed Daltongirl and I tissues in case we needed them. We both tend to sob loudly at weddings. After a few minutes Cicada and Murray came in together holding hands, dressed in white, and absolutely beaming.

The sweet elderly gentleman who was to perform the wedding came in and introduced himself. I've decided it's probably a good thing that most couples are really too blissed out to remember much of what the officiator says by way of advice. I'm sure he didn't mean for it to be this way, but the most memorable bit of his advice was when he reassured them that even if one's spouse apostatizes in the future, the spouse who stays true to his temple covenants will still be okay. And since he was basically talking to Murray the whole time, it's pretty clear who he thinks is going to be the one to bail. (Sorry, Cicada. I guess it's good that Murray has a heads-up, though.) But seriously: Is that really the best time? Why doesn't he throw in some sage words about what happens if one of them is eaten by a shark in the next couple of years while he's at it?

The ceremony itself was brief and lovely, and then we all stood up and congratulated Murray and Cicada as we filed our way out. Daltongirl and I perhaps filed a bit more quickly than the others because we had Things To Discuss.

We waited outside on the grounds while the wedding party got changed into their tuxes and other finery for the pictures. And while we waited Daltongirl saw something so arresting that she grabbed the top of my head and swiveled my neck over so that I could see it too. A lady walked out of the temple wearing the most extraordinary footwear I have ever before seen in life. She walked over to a bench and sat down, where I hope she pondered the choice she just made to go into the Lord's House dressed like a yeti:

Then Murray and Cicada walked out together, and the villagers rejoiced:

Could they be any cuter? They had a professional photographer, but Daltonboy followed discreetly behind and took pictures as well. He got a lot of the same shots the photographer did, but used different lenses so as to ensure that the pics would not be duplicates. And then before the reception he found time to print and frame one of them to put out on the gift table. Because he's just sweet like that.

I got the following shot for Savvy, who had been all excited to drive over and see Cicada in her pretty dress. (Checking out brides is her favorite.) Only she fell asleep instead and missed the whole thing, which is why being 3 can be a drag sometimes. Cicada and Murray obliged, though, by posing for me.

So. All in all, it was absolutely wonderful.


i i e ee said...

Congrats to the beautiful bride and the handsome groom!

Nerd Goddess said...

Oh my goodness! Her dress is just wonderful! I've never seen one I liked more. :)

Thanks Nemesis and Daltongirl for posting!

FoxyJ said...

Those are great pictures! As more time passes I wish I had gotten married in Provo. Salt Lake was insanely busy, but I wanted the nicer pictures (I think Provo was still orange at the time). Our pictures weren't that great and the day was stressful. Oh, and I don't remember what advice we received either. I was still stressing because they tried to start the ceremony without my dad. Anywho--congrats to the lovely couple!

Squirrel Boy said...

Salt Lake really is insanely busy. It's like an assembly line in there. The worst part is afterwards, though, when you're standing around waiting for the party ahead of you to clear out so you can take pictures.

Speaking of which, great pictures!

Jenny said...

Cicada's hair looks so great. I just can't get over it. Not that it looks ugly normally. I think that came out wrong

eimrek said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day! You guys are so cute! Congratulations!!

dimmi said... pretty. I love her hair.

NF said...

I ditto everyone's comments! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Provo Temple, too!

NF said...

PS, WAS there a post on here about her dress? AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

lets hear about the reception!

NF said...

PPS. Did I mention that I NOW want to get married in the Provo Temple?

That..or Ogden.

Plus, my grandparents were sealed in Ogden.

MORE congrats to the couple!

lilcis said...

Beautiful! What a cute couple!

Now who's going to give us the rundown and pictures from the reception?

daltongirl said...

working on the reception . . .

Jordan said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the dress.

Audrey said...

Felicitaciones! It looks like it was a wonderful day, and you both look so happy.

Kip said...

Gorgeous dress. Cicada looks darling.