Editor's Intervention

Well, Murray and I are back! The honeymoon was great; I can't wait to blog about it. First, I'll see if Nemesis wants to post her side of the story about the reception before I write about the reception from my perspective.

Great job to Daltongirl and Nemesis, by the way, for keeping you all updated, and doing all my work for me while I was gone. The first thing Murray and I did upon landing on American soil was check the blog to see what these wonderful ladies had posted. However, it has come to my attention that a certain error must be addressed in Daltongirl's wonderful and mostly-accurate account of the reception. I received the following email from The Boy last night. Many apologies to him and to El Senor who less dramatically complained about being somewhat misrepresented. In my version of the reception, both of these brothers and every individual who helped out will be appropriately lauded.

I am being grievously misrepresented on your blog. There must be steps taken to rectify this libel which has befallen me.

For clarification: I was in no way, shape, or form responsible for the care of one Bean at any time during the day of nuptiality (I am aware of the insuitability of this particular suffixation, but it sounds ever so much superior to the drap and overrused "nuptials"), nor was I enrolled in the creation of fun and unique aprons to be worn by conscripted wait staff. Instead I was tasked with guiding Richie (tragically born without a sense of direction) around in the pursuit of fruit. And large pans. A task given us by our beloved Ootsie, and dashingly performed in our wedding tuxes.

This restitution may take place in the form of posting this email on your blog. Which is more than I ever willingly granted you to post on your blog when we were living together, as if my permission mattered anyhow.

-The Boy, Esq.

(I may add that all of the emails The Boy sent me on my mission were written in his same unique writing style, and I really wish he'd start a blog or something of his own.)


Mr. Fob said...

Can I borrow your people? I'm tired of writing my own blog.p

daltongirl said...

Dear The Boy and El Senor:

May I offer my abject apologies if I have offended you in any way. Please realize that much of my information came by word of mouth, since I was in the kitchen the entire time and could not possibly have known who was waking the Bean or making aprons. I have the utmost respect for you both regarding the amazing amount of work you did at the reception, and the love you hold for your sweet sister. You will forgive me if I, in my desire for a cheap laugh, misrepresented the facts. And now it remains for the true waker(s) of the Bean and skipper outer on the apron job to step forward and claim responsibility, thus absolving the accused once and for all.

This, in my opinion, is the beauty of a blog. One can simply throw out spurious accusations, and then it's someone else's responsibility to prove them wrong. Awesome!

Cicada, I'm glad you're back. I don't know if I could have taken the heat on my own!

Rachel said...

Welcome back! I'm so jealous of your vacay. Can't wait to hear all about it!

You looked BEAUTIFUL at your wedding, by the way! I'm sorry I didn't get to see you in person. :(

IOU 1 wedding gift. ;)

cropstar5 said...

congrats and welcome back.
the wedding et al sounds like it was perfect. you both looked beautiful in your wedding attire.
and bravo to your guest writers.

ps- i'm pretty sure i went to high school with murray. i recognized his teenage (preteen?) self in the broken arm photo he posted on his blog. if he was a fighting bruin then i must be right.

Nerd Goddess said...

Congrats again, glad you're back safe and sound (and hopefully without large iPhone bills)

Amber said...

Now that you're back and bored (ha ha) I tag you. Go to my blog to find out the rules and then you can play!