Just a Better Way to Live

So it's all official. Murray and I are back and we're figuring out the married life groove, and now we're all ready to say really insensitive things to single people like, "You should get married. It's just a better way to live." What are some insensitive things you've heard over the years? Murray and I need a few ideas.

Thanks again to Nemesis and Daltongirl for blogging about my special day. I'll take my turn at the reception, but first I wanted to post a few pictures that I thought people might like as well as our slide show that Murray kindly uploaded to YouTube for all of us. Anyway, I have to get this wedding stuff over as soon as possible lest people complain that I've turned into an I'm-obsessed-with-my-own-wedding blog. But really, with a day so perfect as our wedding day, I must admit that I am obsessed with my own wedding right now.

Without further ado, the video and some pictures!

(You'll forgive that the music cuts out at the end. We wanted to cut out our "real names" that appeared in the last slide.

All of the wedding party who loved us enough to stick around for photos after the ceremony.

I just wanted to share this picture because it looks like my grandpa is blind, which made me laugh.

Me and Murray and the best man (brother Steve) and maid of honor (Switchback)

Showing that we know how to have fun always.

Evidence that we got married in a 70s church movie.

A better way to live.


i i e ee said...

Honestly when I read that part in one your guest posts about Murray can have the cake that fell down your dress for later...yeah, way to rub it in to us single folk. ;)

Again, congrats! You look amazing! And so happy!

Miss Hass said...

Love the video. It looks like your day was beautiful and wonderful. And it's okay with me if you talk about it a little longer.

As for smug married comments, my favorite is this:

"I feel so sorry for single people."

It should be said off the cuff to your much older, and still single sister-in-law.

ambrosia ananas said...

1-Great wedding pictures. You guys look fantastic.

2-You were such *cute* kids.

3-I had no idea you liked swing.

Nerd Goddess said...

Once again, your dress is incredible.

Kelly said...

You look beautiful and happy!

And as a fellow new married, I have to agree with the whole "a better way to live" thing. I mean, I don't want to be insensitive to my single friends because, being 31, I know all too well how it feels to have not found that special someone yet, but I am so stinkin' happy every day it's a little bit ridiculous.

The Holyoaks said...

How many times must I apologize for my "why aren't you married yet" comment?

Squirrel Boy said...

My favorite is the '70s Church movie picture.

Brinestone said...

My favorite insensitive (and inappropriate) comment was in a group of mostly single people, including me, and some marrieds. One of the married guys suddenly piped up, "So . . . isn't sex great?" And then a discussion ensued among the married people about how great it actually was.


I couldn't decide whether to feel jealous or nauseated.

C. said...

So one time I ran into a friend after not seeing her for several months. She had gotten married in the meantime. She asked how I was doing and I told her how great life was and how happy I was, to which she responded... "Married life is better."

Mary said...

It is most exceptional that Murray is wearing a Red Sox jacket in one of those photos! MOST EXCEPTIONAL. Please tell him I say so. His parents are very, very, good people.

I've loved hearing every single detail of this amazing story, from courtship to wedding day, I think it's absolutely wonderful.


NF said...

Just beautiful. I know that I know you not--but just reading about your day leaves me with such hope for my day.


NF said...

PS. Did I miss the post of where you got your dress? I am in love with it, too.

Truth said...

Love the wedding pics. Switchback was making off with the desserts, for sure.