Here is a somewhat faithful transcript of what Murray and I have talked about:

Murray: So, we have a problem. I looked up [the name of our business blog].com to see if we could buy the domain, and it's taken by a German or Swedish porn site.

Me: What?

Murray: Yes. If you just enter the name of our business blog, + .com, it's a porn site. So I think we just need to change the name of our business blog to just our business name.

Me: Oh. Yeah. Okay.

Murray: Just about anything is taken these days. I mean, like, anything you can think of is already taken. Like try.... poodles.... and.... pals.

[I type "" into the url and up comes a legitimate website.]

Murray: See! See! I told you! Everything is already taken! Man, I was RIGHT!

Me: There are some things that aren't taken. Hmmmm.

Murray: Try "meet and greet."

Me: Well that one is OBVIOUSLY taken. I'll try [Types in] Taken!

Murray: bouncing baby boy

Me: Wow! That one IS actually available! (Who knew??) Let's try another one! Rainbows and ponies! ... Taken! Taken! Taken! Taken! Taken! Hey. That's free!

Murray: Try Smoresnthings.

Me: is free!

Murray: Okay. We should totally buy the site and make a site about smores.

Me: But all the facts that we put on about smores are completely false.

Murray: Like smores were invented during the French Revolution by a guy names Francois Smoresenfant.

Me: Or contrary to popular belief, smores don't actually mean "some more." Or, smores originated when a ship carrying chocolate crashed into a marshmallow factory and its neighbor, a graham cracker factory, and set off a fire.

Murray: And the resulting deliciousness was eaten by the firefighters.

So yeah. Just so that you know, not ALL the possible URLs in the world are already taken. And if someone is interested in, have at it!

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Bean said...

You both make me smile :)