I'm a bad person.

So I haven't done a "Gulliver Loves" post in a little while. It's time for a new one. But before we talk about that, let's talk about what Gulliver does not love. Gulliver does not love getting his diaper changed. I don't understand this. What is so bad about getting your diaper changed? Gone are the days when he used to laugh when we wiped his butt. Now he twists and turns and wriggles so aggressively that you're lucky if you don't come out of the change room covered head to toe in baby poo.

Anyway. I'm a bad person because I can hear Murray wrestling with him upstairs, and it sounds like this.




Gosh DANG it, Gulliver!





And instead of going upstairs to help (it really is a two person job), I'm sitting down here laughing and blogging about it.


--r said...

i feel your pain. they always seem to want to wrestle that much more when they're poopy. we've learned that singing sam's favorite silly song or little toys and gizmos and distractions (little whistles, a truck, a rubberband) are helpful.
good luck!

Emily said...

What an excellent husband you have! Good job Murray for wrestling Gulliver even without your help, even when it's a two-person job.

I'm totally looking forward to the next Gulliver Loves post. Those are fun.

bedelia said...

Isn't it amazing how strong and wily they are? I agree with that first comment about distracting. I remember struggling with my first 2 kids during diaper changes all the time. Then seeing my sister calmly saying, "touch your nose, where's your ears..." while changing her daughter's diaper, and I thought to myself, "Dang, my little sister is smarter than me."

The Holyoaks said...

Yes, I have to pin Penny down with my legs in order to get the job done.

annie said...

my daughter does the same thing, and now that she's 19 months, it's almost a three person job to hold her down. sooooo many people told me that when their kids did this, they just started to put them on the toilet, and they were potty trained and happy within days (super young too). i have definitely not found that to be the case for us.

Bean said...

You are not a bad person. That's hilarious! :)

noelle said...

we switched to the standing up change at some point, i think it was the lying down noƩmie hated, not the diaper changing

KJ said...

this has happened with both of my baby boys. currently with Nanuk who is almost 1. really is a two person job. the like to get the diaper off, but anything beyond that seems a gross interruption of their very busy and demanding schedules.