Oh Shoot.

We are headed out of town to teach classes. A few days ago Murray suggested I cut my hair short. This earned him bonus points. It may have been on valentine's day.

I'm never afraid of short hair and I'm never afraid of trying something new. I'll try any hair stylist other than fantastic sam's (where I send Murray). So in an effort to get my hair cut before leaving town, I decided to just pop into the mall while Murray and Gullie ran errands at Costco.

Murray expressed concern that it might not be a good idea to get a mall cut RIGHT before going out of town for business, where lots of people would be seeing and interacting with me. I dismissed this, telling him it has been a long time since I had a bad hair cut.

You might think you know where this is going. But you don't.

The hair cut was okay although the style left a little something to be desired. That doesn't worry me. A quick shower and styling it on my own fixes that.

But last night we made a bit of a mistake. I had lots of work to finish up, so I got right to it with American Idol on in the background. And then we saw Ellen. And we both loved what her hair was doing... Almost faux hawk, but not. So we wondered if my hair could do the same thing.

"We'll have to use my dippity doo!" declared Murray. You may remember that a while ago I found a retro looking black man's hair product called Murray's something or other. And it cost $2. (Compare to Bed Head's $17 wax stick.) And Murray has sworn by it ever since.

So back to last night. I put some of the product in my hair and we tried to do the Ellen style, only to find that my bangs were too long. So then we wondered if we could get it to stick straight up. Like a mowhawk. Which we decided needed a lot of product. So we loaded my hair up with LOTS of product.

You may have an idea of where this is going now.

Yes, last night's hair fun was very entertaining. But this morning after 3 hair washings, I've discovered that this stuff doesn't actually come out.

So much for the hair stylist ruining my hair for my business trip. I was able to do that all by myself.

(pic taken in the car, as presentable as I can get...)

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Anonamom said...

Oh. Dear.

C. said...

I refuse to believe that even after three washings, you still have that much product in your hair. Tell me you're kidding. Please.

kadusey said...

Perhaps a stronger soap, like dish soap, might get it out? Not good for your hair, but if it works, it might be worth it.

Sarah said...

Dippidee Doo needs mas shampoo!

The Holyoaks said...

wait. i can't really tell if you're kidding or not. this is a first for me as i usually understand your humor. your sick, twisted humor

"A dagger! A dagger!"

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

oh goodness. this made my whole day. i think that you should wear it like that all of the time, and start a new trend.

Cicada said...

I'm being totally serious. I'll post pics tomorrow of hair disaster day 2.

Kami said...

I heart alma. and the hair. :)

Have fun this weekend... I wish that we were going to Mom 2.0, think of all the fun late nights.

jeri said...

One time Minnie rubbed Desitin in her hair and I thought it would never come out. I think that the Fast Orange soap (Joe uses it to get motor oil off his hands) worked great. Plus it smells pleasantly of oranges.