Because I'm awesome like that.

Today was Gulliver's year appointment, where we learned the following:

height: 31.5" (95%)
weight: 22 lbs 11 oz (55%)
head: 47 cm (75%)

So he's doing pretty well. Still tall but not so much fat. We got to ask about his eating habits, most specifically the 2-3 yogurts he consumes daily. Which, turns out, is okay. Then I asked about the fact that we're giving him our yogurt, which means it's non-fat and full of artificial sweeteners. (Which is better for him anyway? Do we switch him to sugar?) She suggested that we at least get him on non-non-fat yogurt. Meaning fat yogurt.

Such a thing exists in Europe, but where exactly in America do you find full-fat yogurt?

So at the grocery store, I found 1 (count it: one) brand of yogurt that was neither low-fat nor non-fat. And of course it's plain. But that seems like a good thing to me because I worry about all the other stuff that is in the yogurt he's eating, like high fructose corn syrup, modified corn starch, kosher gelatin, corn starch, "natural flavor," tricalcium phosphate, potassium sorbate added to maintain freshness, sucralose, beetle juice, Yellow #5, Red #40, etc. (Why are there three forms of corn in my son's yogurt??)

So I bought the plain. And then I bought some frozen fruit.

And just a few minutes ago, I blended a tub of yogurt with some cherries and agave nectar. Now my son's yogurt has three ingredients: Yogurt, cherries, agave nectar. That seems a lot better. We'll see later today how he likes this new concoction. I'll tell you one thing... it's kindof runny. Maybe I need to add some corn starch. Or kosher gelatin. But maybe it'll solidify a little more in the fridge... Plus, don't you pay EXTRA to have drinkable yogurt? Anyway. It's delicious, nutritious, and full-fat.

(Maybe next time, I'll just blend or chop the fruit and stir it in instead of blending it with the yogurt. But seriously. Add a little cumin and I'll have a cherry lassi, which hello, I wouldn't be complaining!)

(And lest you think that I am judging you below me from up on my pedestal here, for lunch, he had a cheddar cheese stick, a banana, a bite of chicken nugget [before rejecting it and throwing it all over the floor], and 3/4 of his first hot dog ever. Please don't ask me to list the ingredients in those things. The bananas are okay.)


Nemesis said...

I was about to recommend Sunflower Farmer's Market, where they most definitely have some full-fat yogurts. But what you did sounds way better. So nevermind!

FoxyJ said...

I pretty much only buy Mountain High yogurt (I'm assuming that's the brand that you bought since that's the only kind that has either whole milk or low fat milk and no additives). Living in Europe made me a yogurt snob and now I pretty much just like eating plain whole-milk yogurt with a wee bit of sugar stirred in. My kids actually like it too. Anyways, if you go to the Mountain High website you can sign up to get coupons and it will be even cheaper!

Yogurt always gets runnier when you stir stuff in--stirring breaks down the proteins a bit. I also sometimes make my own yogurt, but most of the time I'm too lazy.

Melissa said...

Stonyfield's YoBaby is full fat, organic, and pretty tasty.

Jessica said...

Stonyfield all the way. Walmart used to it carry the plain in big containers a lot less than the small ones, or sunflower market.

Also on a side note I think its funny that we are worried about what people think of us when we talk about healthy food. Its so not PC to talk about eating well yet. One day.

daltongirl said...

Nonononononono!!! Why don't you ever ask me about these things?

Brown Cow yogurt, with cream at the top, comes in all sorts of delicious flavors, and it's fatty fatty fat. You can get it at the Good Earth or Sunflower. Buy enough for everyone, because you won't go back.

daltongirl said...

Oh! And my sister just shakes it up real hard, jams a straw in the foil top, and voila! Instant smoothie for the kids. Brilliant!

AzĂșcar said...

I wouldn't necessarily worry about full-fat yogurt since he's still on the sauce.

However, the health food shops always have full-fat yogurt. I second Brown Cow, that stuff is freakin' awesome.

--r said...

i'm glad to hear we're not the only ones with a child who eats such random things. one night for dinner sam had a handful of black beans (he LOVES beans) some pureed apples and pears, some banana oatmeal, and a few pretzels to wash it down.
and i'll plug the stonyfield yobaby as well. our little monster loves it.

KT said...

Add another recommendation for Stonyfield or Stonybrook or whatever it's called. Costs more but it's delicious and full-fat.

They even had it in Real Simple once as a delicious but small portioned (and so less calories I think) mommy snack.

I had a dream about you last night. It was an adventurey, thrillery dream. Fun though, at times. It made me nostalgic.

KJ said...

sometime I'll tell you about my nazi right wing extremist visiting teacher and how she loves to belittle my totally normal and healthy lifestyle. But as for the yogurt, I've been getting Stonyfield for Nanuk, which he loves. I just add some sliced bananas or frozen peaches (barely thawed) and barely stir them in. I'm out, so I can't check the label, but the kid loves it. If it gets too thin, I add a spoonfull of baby oats (that dehydrated flakey stuff) and stir.