Gulliver Loves...

I'm in the middle of trying to do a million things, but Murray and I were just talking about animals we'd like to introduce Gulliver to. We're headed over to my aunt's house later this week, and in the past she's owned boa constrictors and ferrets (I don't think at the same time, though... although that could make for some serious ecosystem drama), so I was wondering if she had anything exotic right now that Gulliver would see for the first time. Then Murray said that he's particularly interested in showing Gulliver a real horse, which we're totally going to do in a couple of weeks, since Patience and Viktor own a horse. Which brings me to...

Gulliver Loves.

Gulliver Loves horses. Well, at least he loves the heavy metal (lead?) horse that is in his room. It's been in the family forever. I think that my dad and Mary Moo had it as kids, and then somehow El Senor inherited it, but it ended up in a box of my storage instead of his, and I happened to unpack it as we were getting Gulliver's nursery ready, and so I laid claim to it. When El Senor has children of his own, he can reclaim it. (Incentive?) Anyway, Gulliver loves it (despite the fact that it can be a brutal weapon if banged against other people's heads). And it's adorable because when he sees it, or when he wants it, he clacks his tongue. Clck clck clck clck clck! Sooo adorable. Murray just told me that Gulliver was playing with a stone rhino decoration we have the other day, and Gulliver was going clck clck clck clck clck clck. Murray tried to go, Mrrrrrr mrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrr. But Gulliver corrected him by going clck clck clck clck clck. Anyway, Gulliver loves horses.

Gulliver loves climbing on the yellow couch. The yellow couch that we never got properly scotch guarded or anything, and that shows any little spot that has ever been slightly moist... which means that it's now spotted with Gulliver's drool. But it's okay. I have vowed never to own furniture that I love more than my kids. And seeing him climb on it and play is just downright adorable.

Gulliver loves climbing on ALL the furniture. This is new. And I'm NOT as excited about it, in that it gives him access to previously inaccessible computers.

Gulliver walks. I can't say that he LOVES it yet, but he's working at it. He now sometimes uses walking as a legitimate form of transportation. In other news, we now have to actually put shoes on our baby when we go outside, because that is what parents of walking children should do. (Unlike the parents of the 5-year-old I saw at Cafe Rio the other day who was wearing pajamas, and no socks or shoes. In the middle of the winter. Insert judgment HERE.)

Gulliver loves to throw his food on the ground when he's done with it. One moment he's enjoying it. The next moment, he violently throws it on the ground. Awesome.

Gulliver loves stacking toys. He loves things that fit inside other things. He also loves leaving surprises in my shoes. Which warms my heart.

Gulliver says "Do what?" This is officially his first sentence. He knows it's a big winner for entertainment. It happened one day in the car when he said, "Whattt?" (It's a VERY pronounced T.) Then we repeated, "Whattt?" And then he said, "Dooooo Whattt??" And it has stuck. It's still my favorite thing to get him to say. We'll upload a video soon of him in action.

Gulliver says Thank You. Really, it's Doo doo. But it's pretty clear that it's Thank You. And he pretends to give you something when he says it. My mom taught him this in about 2 minutes and it has stuck. We have a very polite boy.

Gulliver says cracker. It sounds like Caahcaaah.

Gulliver says mummma and dadda, but I'm still not sure he always says this in reference to us. Dadda still seems to be his word for "That."

Gulliver loves technology. So does Murray. This creates problems. Like the time last week that we had all four of our computers up and running in the living room at the same time. That's four keyboards for Gulliver to choose from.

So I think that's a good recap of things right now... I'll have to add more as I think of it!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read how the "real horse" encounter is going to turn out, and I'm waiting for that clip to hear Gulliver talk!

You will SO love rereading all your blog entries as the years go by... Thanks for sharing your story, I love reading your blog.

kate said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


--r said...

i love "gulliver loves..."
so much fun to hear what he's thinking up to entertain his parents with.

lynette said...

Gulliver loves his grandma and grandpa and ohhhhh we LOVE HIM!