He didn't go to Jared.

For Valentine's Day this year, Murray did not go to Jared. If I buy into what the commercial industry tells me, I should be pretty upset about this.

But how can I be upset when THIS is what Murray got me??

Lately, Murray and I have discovered the joy of the Dover publications of copyright-free art. Basically, they've amassed amazing collections of works in the public domain. So far, most of the stuff we've gotten is clip-art style black and white images. These are great for me because I can make them into vector art and use them in my projects. Love, love, love them. But this Sea Life book that Murray got me far surpasses the quality of any of the other books. This book contains almost 300 beautiful color illustrations of sea life. I'm going to have so much fun finding uses for these things. As it is, there are some that are beautiful enough for me to just print out and put up on my wall as-is! (I have a special weakness for sea life. And birds. And insects. And animals.)

AND Murray also made me my own painted, frameable Valentine (basically anytime he makes me something that can be framed, I am a happy girl).

He's started a new series just for me. It's a cool little painting of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and it says "You are the Frida to my Diego." He qualified that with the fact that they're both artists, and so that's one way that we're like them. We are NOT like them in that he does not beat me or have affairs with other women. Phew!

Take THAT, Jared.

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KT said...

You should grow a sweet Frida unibrow.