In case you hadn't heard...

A few people on my maternity question post a little while back had mentioned Aflac as supplemental maternity coverage. (Which, if it relates to my whole "do I pay $2000 for an epidural" question still doesn't solve it because even with Aflac, not having an epidural would still be cash in my hand.) We have known about this and have been planning on taking advantage of it. Unfortunately, every single other would-be pregnant woman in Utah also knows about it and takes advantage of it, which is why it will no longer be offered in Utah.

So if you want to get it, you need to get it before February 15th. Murray, Gulliver and I met with an agent today so that I'm all covered. Luckily we can defer the start date by 90 days. What that means for you is that you can expect a pregnancy announcement from us sometime this summer or fall. Yay!

Oh, what it also means for you is act now if you want one of these policies. Now that we have it, we can keep it in effect for all of our children. It pays for itself as long as the children are born within three years of each other.

If you want to contact our agent, here's his info:

Patrick Pecoraro


--r said...

seriously. i need "how to be like cicada" lessons. are you writing a book for that yet?
looking forward to your next announcement.

Sarah said...

Ooh thanks for the info. Only problem... we don't know if we will be in Utah in the fall. We shall see.

vanessa said...

I could kiss you right now for posting this.