Gulliver Loves

Time for another Gulliver Loves post! Here are some things of note lately:

* Today Gulliver did his first sign. He signed "more" in regards to yogurt. He kept signing more as long as he still wanted more. (He loves yogurt!) When he was finished, I wouldn't clear things away until he signed "all done" but he did finally sign "all done" and I think he's getting it!!

* Gulliver loves music. Recently he has started bobbing to music, which is adorable. The other day, I caught him on the floor sitting in front of two music-making toys. He'd set off one toy, then set off the other, and once both toys were playing songs, then he'd start bobbing. If one toy stopped, he'd stop bobbing and set it off again. Perhaps Gulliver is going to be a DJ?

* Gulliver loves stairs. This is a recent development. He can easily climb all the way up the staircase. Previously I have never had to worry about my stairs since he's been absolutely uninterested in them. He'd play at the bottom of the stairs lots and never venture up even one stair. But now he loves them, so we had to get a baby gate. (Thanks, Az├╣car!)

* Gulliver doesn't love going down for naps or bedtime. He still cries almost every time. But these days it's rare that he cries more than five minutes. We have some toys and stuff in his crib. What we've found is that in those moments that he's still awake, he throws things out of his crib. And tonight, when I went to peek at him after he'd fallen asleep, I even realized that he's throwing everything he can AT THE DOOR. Our poor baby boy has temper issues, apparently. Good thing he never seems to remember this anger when he wakes up.

In less than a week, he'll be turning 1! That is crazy to think about. This time last year, I was doing jumping jacks and bowling---anything to get that baby to come! Now it's hard to think of our lives without him.

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Saule Cogneur said...

My 15 month old nephew is a stair-demon. Unfortunately, he's also learned that if he stands up straight, goes stiff, and falls straight backwards, someone is always there to catch him. He loves it.

A good combination these two things do not make.