My Gift to You...

In December, I went to the Communal in Provo (a restaurant) with my cooking club, and we had a DELICIOUS acorn squash, filled with apples. It was divine, and ever since I've been wanting another. Well, last night, I made my own, and Murray and I each got our very own half. I swear I could have eaten the whole thing. It's a VERY easy, basic recipe that anyone can try. (Yes, that means you too, Lynette. This isn't anything extra special, but it looks and tastes extra special!!) Here's what I did. (I kindof made it up as I went along.)

1 apple (I'd do 2 next time)
1 acorn squash

Cut acorn squash in half, remove seeds. Fill a baking pan with 1/4 inch water and place squash face down in pan. Bake at 400 F for 35 minutes.

In the meantime, peel and slice apples into 8ths. In a frying pan with a bit of butter and a bit of maple syrup, cook the apples. (I made sure they were browned on both sides. Yum!)

When squash has finished, remove water from pan. Turn squash face up, put a small (or large if you're not on a diet) amount of butter and maple syrup in the "bowl" of the squash. Fill with the apples. Broil on high for 5 minutes or until the apples and squash are a little bit browned.


In the future, I might try other fun things like adding some spices like cinnamon. It was already almost dessert-like (anything sweetish would seem like dessert to two people off of sugar), and adding some spices might make it even MORE delectable. Also marshmallows. Just kidding.


lynette said...

Think I shall go and buy some acorn squash sounds just so delish.....fancy food, easy to make that is what I like!!!!

Debbie (Nerd Goddess) said...

I'm not a huge fan of squash, but maybe I'll give it a try. As another resident of Springville, do you mind letting me on the secret of where to get some? I usually go to Allen's because it's close, but their produce section is usually somewhat lacking. Although they might have some.

Cicada said...


First you want my wedding dress, then you move to my town? Now you want my acorn squash buying secrets? Are you trying to be me?

(If so, I must put you in touch with my friend Jenny. She tries to be me all of the time.)

I actually got mine at Sunflower market while I was in Orem last week. But I bet Allen's would have acorn squash. I usually do my shopping at [gasp!] Walmart.

noelle said...

I bet it would taste good with some cubed feta in there :) I've been craving squash for a month or two now, esp butternut, but no luck, it's not to be found near me.

Debbie (Nerd Goddess) said...

No! I'm not trying to be you! If it makes you feel better we've been living in Springville for over a year, because that was the ONLY place we could find affordable (and not nasty) married housing during the Fall/Winter terms. Really. We got the apartment the day before we got married. It was a close one.

Also, I was at Allen's yesterday, and they had some. I'll probably be trying out the recipe next week!