Busting out the Bubbly

It's true that I'm still on cloud nine after having submitted my book. (Even though I need to make an edit and resubmit the cover artwork.) I'm working on other crunch projects, but for the first time in months, I actually feel like I can enjoy these projects again because I don't have this pressure of having to get through them quickly to get back to my bigger priorities anymore!! Phew!

So I'm having a celebration drink right now, and here's another gift I give to you. Here it is: I love Izze drinks. BUT they're expensive. All they are is fruit juice and sparkling water. So here's my solution. I buy 100% fruit juice. Then I buy bottles of cheap mixers in the alcohol section---just the sparkling water. (And I hope that no one in my ward catches me. I bet they'd think, "Oh. That's how they roll. Well, I guess it's to be expected, since they're artists.") Then at home, when I pour myself a drink, I mix the mixer and the fruit juice! I get a drink that's half the calories and twice as good! (And not nearly as expensive as Izze.)


Sarah said...

sounds yummy. If you can believe it I have never tasted an Izze drink. Maybe because they are expensive so they never caught my eye. I am cheap. I'll admit it. But I'll try this for sure.

lynette said...

bottoms up....CONGRATULATIONS on your great achievements!!!!!!!!!

The Holyoaks said...

Yum. I bought myself some Izze tonight. Have you tried the Archer Farms sparkling drinks from Target? They are equally as delicious. You should give it a whirl sometimes when you're feeling crazy.