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Last week I bought a 10-lb spiral cut ham, because I assumed that all spiral cut hams were supposed to be delicious goodness. Turns out, you're supposed to pay big bucks to get the good ones. Oh well. What this meant was that after one dinner of mediocre ham, I knew I'd have to make some navy bean soup. I've heretofore been a split pea soup person, but Murray has converted me to the navy bean soup camp. And I have converted him to the carrots-in-your-navy-bean-soup camp, since 1) the recipe I found calls for them and 2) I feel it my duty as a mother and wife to sneak vegetables into our meals. The first time I tried the recipe I put a package of carrot strips into the soup, which I enjoyed even though I'm not a huge carrot fan. But Murray felt it spoiled it. So tonight I begged him to give me one more chance, and this time I chopped up the carrots really finely in my nut chopper. And he approves. Phew! Deliciousness and nutritiousness for all!

But the point is that my whole HOUSE smells like ham, and I don't know when it will stop smelling like ham! I put the ham on the stove first thing this morning and just let it boil all morning. Then I cut it all up before church. I washed every dish and put the cut-up ham and broth into a sealed bowl in the fridge. (We have enough ham for at least three batches of this soup.) But it still smells like ham here...

Oh well. We had Murray's parents over for dinner. Usually we go over there on Sundays, but since our house accommodates four nicely (Steve and Cici are in Texas for the holidays) and since I was the chef of the night, dinner was here! It was really nice to have company!

So any tips on getting rid of food smells?


Emily said...


Oh, gosh. We had such a fiasco this weekend because Jeff had someone over working on the house and soaked soaked one the kitchen towels in like, paint thinner or something...and of course, it was dirty, so Jeff put it with dirty laundry...right? Because that's where dirty fabric things go...

What a disaster! When I came over I was helping organize and doing laundry and like, I washed the first batch and it still smelled like paint thinner. So I washed it again. And rinsed it again. No good. It still smelled. Aye!

My mom suggested I call the number for The Clean Team, which I did, and I asked them what to do. The lady recommended Febreeze. I ended up buying some spendy Febreeze laundry stuff. Buuuut, it actually worked. Amazing.

Morals of the story: 1) Febreeze has something special that really does neutralize odors. 2) If something is soaked in paint thinner (or anything that smells like paint thinner) just throw it away. Don't try to wash it. Also don't dry it, because apparently that is a fire hazard.

Bean said...


Boil a big pot of water with a bunch of sliced lemons OR my favorite, boil water with vanilla, cinnamon and any other delicious smelling spice...plus it's nice at holiday time. :)

lilcis said...

I've boiled a water/white vinegar mix on the stove - but you have to be careful and keep an eye on it so that it doesn't boil all the way down. I've ruined a few (thankfully cheap) pans that way. Lately I've just plugged in a couple of lemon-scented things from Bath & Body Works after I've cooked a smelly meal. One in the kitchen and one in the living room. That works well for our house but if anyone in your house has allergies it's probably not the best option.