Almost Euphoric

Tonight I am completing the online course that I've been working on forever. No, I don't mean the online course I'm TAKING. I mean, the online course I'm CREATING, which is a whole lot more work than I ever anticipated. And I've been doing it in conjunction with writing a textbook. And now suddenly I have a new respect for all those high school teachers who wrote Independent Study courses back in my days as a student editor, when we'd all sit around and make fun of the instructors, and we'd hang up printouts of the most ridiculous quotes by these teachers. But I take it back! I take it all back! And I beg forgiveness of any teacher that I ever complained about or berated or mocked mercilessly! Because you know what? Sometimes you really are just writing or saying crap and it's because your brain has gone to mush and you can't even remember basic words anymore. I now understand the state of mind that the instructor must have been in when she stated that for her distance-learning swimming course, a bathing suit was optional! And I am willing to bet that 95 percent of these instructors were just like me. They probably had months and months to get the work done, but never did because they thought they had all the time in the world, and then they ended up doing the whole thing in a mad rush and lost their sanity. Because I know I have! Lost it! Just ask Murray about me losing it today about all the excess crap we have in our house and don't need. Which necessitated a trip to the DI to unload all the excess crap we've been carting around in our cars for I SWEAR almost a year. We have loads of stuff we don't need, and we've been too busy to take care of it! But we both sense a major purging coming on, within the new year.

Anyway. Tonight I have more or less wrapped up my online course. And tomorrow I can start laying out my content in InDesign to create the textbook. And one day this will all be over, and Murray and I will look back on this dark period of our lives (as we're bathing in liquid gold from all the money we'll be making of course) and laugh and talk about how crazy we were.

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erin said...

One of my master's classes was how to create an online course. They really are hard! Good luck. Let me know if you need someone to test it for you. :)