Call for Help?

Hello, readers. I have a question for you. In fact, I know that I have a couple of questions, but the other is another biggy and will have to wait for another day, because you'll all get so distracted by it that you won't answer my CURRENT question, which is:

I think that I can be a lot more profitable if I learn web design. Currently I know enough HTML to tweak blogger templates pretty well. But I would like to take an actual class on web design so that I can learn to build basic sites from scratch, and so that I can learn to make wordpress blogs because right now I have no idea.

I am not really open to learning on my own through web tutorials or what-not, so don't suggest any of those. I want an actual, local, paying-for class that I can take. (I'm too busy to learn on my own because something else will always come up that's "more important" but if I have a commitment and a schedule, I'll adhere to it.)

So what classes are there, and through what schools, in the area? I was thinking about the CHUM class at BYU that covers web stuff, but I don't know if I'll learn what I need/want to in that class. Any feedback? I'm happy to take a class at any of the local schools as long as it fits my needs. And the cost I'll be able to justify for the amount of work it will open me up to in the future, so suggest anything!


Hannah said...

I've looked for the same thing with no luck. Let me know if you find one!

erin said...

When I took CHUM 100 years ago, it focused mostly on print design (InDesign). So I don't think it will really help you, unless they've significantly changed the course.

Katya said...

It looks like UVU offers a couple of web design classes in their digital media department (DGM 2120 and DGM 2740). (Here's a link to the course catalog: ) I haven't taken the classes myself, though, so I can't offer a personal recommendation.

--r said...

i wish i lived in the area and could benefit from this. i keep having the same thoughts. honestly, i keep wondering if you break into my head and read what you find there, but you don't even know me, so probably not.
anywho...good luck!

Anonymous said...

I know you want an actual brick and mortar place to go, but you'd be hard pressed to find better teachers than at I've found it to be very engaging and teaches exactly what I want.