Not Bought

I didn't buy this jacket for $20 tonight at Target.

I did however buy a magenta coat. (Not pictured.)

After 8 good years I'm finally ready to get rid of my beloved purple coat. And I still love it but maybe the fact that it is a medium and I am not plays into it too. I'd rather give it to someone who wants it than give it to the DI. Any takers?

(it will make you happier than I am in this photo)

-- Posted from my iPhone, with apologies for any typos.


The Holyoaks said...

I like purple jackets! And despite my expanding pregnant belly, I still consider myself a medium. Plus I live in jacket-demanding weather almost year-round. Don't I sound like a fantastic candidate???

Jenny said...

I am a medium! You should have bought that coat and been the mom from About a Boy for Halloween.

Bone Junior said...

Reasons why you should donate your purple coat to me:

1. I live in Utah county
2. Purple is my favorite color
3. I have a pair of purple fake uggs from Ross that would match perfectly
4. Did I mention that purple is my favorite color?
5. I love love love your blog.

Bean said...

Thank you for not buying the fuzzy coat. I think it makes anyone look like a Yeti.

Melanie said...

I still think you should of bought the fuzzy coat. You looked great in it. Thanks for a fun night we enjoyed spending time with you.