Gulliver Loves

I feel like it's time for a good Gulliver post. He seems to change so quickly that I figure it's probably a good idea to start a regular post called "Gulliver Loves" so that I'm capturing the stuff he's loving and doing on a regular basis. Here's the list for what he loves lately:

Gulliver loves giving kisses. And it's even more adorable because he sucks his cheeks all the way in to do it.

Gulliver loves copycat. He'll copy us doing a monkey noise, saying mamma or dada (especially dada), clucking his tongue, and making kisses. The other day, we were at a store and I was holding him and I said "Oooooooooo" about something. Immediately Gulliver said "Oooooo." And then I started laughing. And then Gulliver started laughing. Sometimes we get him to try new things. Like if I snort like a pig, he'll clear his throat or cough. If he's really stumped and can't make the new noise, he'll just go back to clucking his tongue.

Gulliver loves the kitchen. This is where he is right now. I can hear him spreading all of my ziploc bags all over the kitchen floor. He also loves to shoot his toys under appliances and under doors. So I'll open my pantry to see a collection of blocks and toys. Or I'll open my laundry room to see the same. Or I'll lie down on the kitchen floor to fish toys out from under appliances with a hanger. What kills me, though, is when I catch HIM stomach-down on the floor, head to the ground, eying just exactly what it is that he's shot out of reach.

Gulliver loves the details. When I hold him, he'll find the freckles on my arms and poke them one by one. Or if he's sitting at a table and I need to entertain him, all it takes is one drop of anything out of place and he'll poke it and smear it till it's gone.

Gulliver loves bathtime. I'm having a couple of bathtime struggles, though, because lately, Gulliver loves to drink the water. Do other people go through this?? I KNOW there's urine in there. If the tub is filling with water, Gulliver will get his face right up to the faucet and take a drink of the fresh water, which I don't mind AS much.

Gulliver loves the open fridge and open dishwasher. If you crack these open, watch out, because Gulliver starts crawling towards you at top speed!

Gulliver loves climbing through things or into things. So open boxes are great fun. We've also found him in drawers and baskets. He has great fun climbing through the legs of chairs and tables.

Gulliver loves tucking his hands in. If you hold him, he'll often tuck his hands between his body and yours. This is especially adorable if you're rocking him to sleep, and it's a sign that he's getting very comfortable and ready to go down.

So I think that's a decent list right now of things he loves. And if you're looking for a Christmas tree update, here it is. It's been going well, but my beaded garland was barely within reach, so I documented this awesome moment from the other day. So now, pretty much the whole bottom HALF of my tree is undecorated. But the TOP half looks GREAT!


Rachie said...

Oh my goodness, he's getting so big! And cuter every day, if I might say. Nice work!

C. said...

He is so big and cute!! I love his fishy kissy face!