I'm in the middle of work but just wanted to take a moment to report that I got on the scale this morning and there was a major jump down, which is very encouraging because since this "no sugar" thing, I haven't lost too much weight, and finally told myself that I was gaining weight before, so cutting out sugar has stopped the weight GAIN and is helping me to gradually go down.

But today, I'm weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs less than when I left for Maryland a month ago! (I started the no sugar thing in Maryland.) Hooray! Hooray! Halloween, I have (almost) conquered you! You will not tempt me with your sugary sweetness!

And to tell the truth, I would say that I'm probably happier now than I am when I'm eating sugar because when I'm on sugar, I'm always thinking about what the next treat will be, and focused on getting my next "hit." Now, I don't even have to think about it!

So I am thinking that I'll probably apply this as a general life rule, and limit myself to sweets for special occasions. Like for the rest of this year, I think that I've decided that I'll go ahead and have sugar on my anniversary, birthday, and Christmas. How much damage can three days do (compared to a whole holiday season of binging)?


lynette said...

So proud of YOU!!!!!

Lady Susan said...

Yeah! That must feel great!

TOWR said...

You're kidding?! EIGHT pounds? In one month? Just from cutting out delicious, delicious sugar? You're not exercising on the sly, now are you? I might need to join you in this endeavor.

Petit Elefant said...

darn you! this whole no-sugar thing has me at war with myself *no YOU can't tell me what to do! yes I can, I'm YOU! you're not the boss of me, I am.*

It's not working out. I lose.