A Happier Place

Today is in the 70s. Still not the sweater weather I was dreaming of but much better than friday.

Yesterday we drove around to see the neighborhoods where my mom grew up. We had a great time till Gulliver decided he'd had enough of his car seat and went into total, never before seen, foaming at the mouth meltdown. We were with my parents so we kept gulliver out of the car till he was tired enough to go to sleep and then drove back to the hotel.

Saturday was beach day. Check out murrayterrenodeamore.blogspot.com for awesome pictures.

Today we have done the nemo submarine, which was not my favorite. Or Gulliver's for that matter. Then we did buzz lightyear's astro blasters, which was awesome, and then we came to California adventure and did the mr. Potato Head ride where you shoot things and that was so good we did it twice. Gulliver was good at pulling the gun but not letting go.

Now he's taking a little nap and I'm enjoying sitting down with a nice breeze rather than in the sweltering sun.

-- Live from The Happiest Place on Earth

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Sarah said...

Pretty sure that last picture is illegal... just saying.