Return of the Mother-in-Law

I apologize for the lack of posts and pictures lately. I didn't even touch a computer for a few whole days. As hard as it is to be productive with a newborn babe, it's that much harder to be productive with a newborn babe and a gigantic cast. (I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and said that I only manage to bathe every second day, and she said, "That's funny. I never had trouble showering when I had a newborn." But then she remembered the cast.)

Yesterday Murray's wonderful mother came over to the house to help me again. My dad comes in to town today, so I needed to get the house ready for his visit. Gulliver obliged us and took long naps and even entertained himself at times when he was awake. That meant that both of us were able to work and maximize our time. We got the house vacuumed and dusted, the kitchen cleaned (but thanks to Murray there wasn't much to clean in the kitchen), tidied, changed all the sheets on the beds, and did a ton of laundry. I feel like I'm living in a whole new home! My mother-in-law is the best. And in case there's any doubt about that fact, I'll tell you that when Murray and I went to bed last night, there were chocolates on our pillowcases. Case in point.

Last night, after my mil left and Murray got back home, I was voraciously eating everything in sight. But I was also multitasking and writing an email while explaining to Murray why I was eating everything in sight:

"I'm just so much hungrier because I'm pregnant."

[Murray's head explodes. When he gets it back together he says:]

"You're what??"

[I stop writing my email and think about what I just said.]

"Oh. I mean, I'm breast feeding."

It was a pretty tense three seconds for Murray, though.

(This is one of Gulliver's fat faces. He makes a series of fat faces when he is waking up or when he is done eating and is tired. I like this one particularly because of the clasped hands.)

(Here is a happy Gulliver in our gliding chair. Daltongirl found us this great glider for $5 at a yard sale. I've been meaning to cover it for a very long time. I finally did this week, but I did a quick job of it. The top cushion (which you can't even see in this picture) is covered with the fabric, but it's... well, about as nice looking as the seat, which you can see here. When it got time for me to sew the seat, Gulliver started fussing. So (confession!) I just safety pinned the fabric to the cushion. Job done! The pattern is an orange zig zag, but sometimes it looks decidedly pink. Oh well. Gulliver is not so insecure in his masculinity to not have a sometimes-pink chair in his room.)


jeri said...

Poor Murray. Can you imagine starting all over again right now?

I love all your chairs and pillows and bags and everything else you've made. Why are you so talented?

Code word: damuzed

Deb said...

Gulliver is such a cutie! And my way of sewing always involves safety pins. {If you saw my sewing, you'd see why... it's not pretty}.

KT said...

Chocolates on your pillow?!?! Wow, I don't have words for that kind of TLC. That's so sweet.

And Gulliver just gets cuter and cuter! I love the post-nursing smooshy, fat, content faces. They're the best, I miss them.