This weekend, Murray and I worked on Gulliver's baby announcement. Although I don't know what the point of posting it here is, because then you'll all have already seen it when you get it in the mail... Oh well. Here's one for your computers, and I'll be sending one (with his REAL NAME) for your fridges soon!

And here's some more pictures of Gulliver that I took while Murray was getting things set up to work on the announcement. They're different colors, but I'm sure that Murray will fix that someday.


DP said...

I have a question about baby announcements. Are they, um, mandatory? Or encouraged? What is their purpose?

And is it bad that I just post my baby's pictures to Facebook and maybe mail a few prints to great-aunt Bonnie and my grandpa, since they're not online?

Cicada said...


To be honest, I've wondered the same thing. I feel a little silly sending this to people after all or most of them will have seen it on the blog. And after they all KNOW that we had a baby.

Never mind the fact that we figured we'd send a different version to grandparents because we figure they'd probably appreciate something a little more traditional than what we've put together.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?